I recently got an email (below). I sent Robert some info on trails in the area. They probably won’t have a way to transport their bikes and will have to rent bikes, so that will limit options. Anyway, if any teen riders are interested in helping out Robert and his son, please send them an email (also below).
Hi! My wife and son and I will be spending next week in Fairbanks visiting my older son who plays for the Goldpanners Baseball team. My younger son is an avid mountain biker here in Southern California and we promised him we would try to find a way for him to ride somewhere near Fairbanks so that he won’t be stuck watching endless baseball games while we are there. He is almost 16, 6’1″ tall and a very good rider. Can you suggest anywhere that we could get him that he could get in a good couple/few hours on a bike?
If there are other young riders (15/16/17) that frequently ride, maybe I could contact them, or you could and if we could somehow work it out, he/she could partner ride with my son on a favorite trail during the week sometime
Robert Leonard 6/18 – 6/21 in Fairbanks.. Robert Leonard <robert@the-leonards.org>