Hey Folks, The first stage of the proposal for a new multi-use trail on the the northern flanks of Ester Dome is going through public notice with DNR.  Public comments close Monday, 16 July, at 5.00p. This new trail is sponsored by FCC, Goldstream Sports & REI so any additional supporting emails would be greatly appreciated! Remember, trails are one of the great reasons we live in Fairbanks! Here’s a link to today’s FDNM article regarding the trail: www.newsminer.com/features/outdoors/trail-work-ahead-three-projects-taking-shape-around-fairbanks/article_40ef4316-8674-11e8-bbff-675c0b023147.html And a link to DNR-MLW’s public notice: notice.alaska.gov/190401 Any questions, drop me an email or call 479.0049 Best, Geoff