We’ve got our first FCC Fatty Tour! It’s a little short on the notice, but here are the details:   Date: Wednesday, November 28th   Start time and place: Noon, Goldstream Sports parking lot ( goo.gl/maps/X5JvvtkUX7E2 )   Short route description: Route will be a loop thru the Valley. Very easy ride beginner level, roughly 10ish miles…it should be no problem for anyone. Unless 10 miles is too far, in which case we could just do an out and back. Maybe 8 miles   Estimated skill/fitness level needed:  Beginner or above   Leader name and contact info: Larry Hodges ( ak_firedog@hotmail.com )     The FCC Fatty Tours are free, member-led fatbike tours for members of the Fairbanks Cycle Club.  They are run periodically throughout the winter and depend on volunteer tour leaders. If you have any suggestions for improving this program send them to Eric Troyer: fbxtrails@gmail.com