FCC Fatty Tours – first email
Want to show off some of your favorite fatbike trails? The Fairbanks Cycle Club is going to facilitate some free fatbike tours this winter. If you are willing to be a leader, then we’ll get the word out. You can volunteer to lead just one tour or several. You get to choose the time, route, etc.
Here’s how it will work:
– Fatty Tour Coordinator Eric Troyer will periodically send out a call for Fatty Tour leaders on the FCC email list. (First one coming right after this email.) – Anyone interested in leading a tour will respond. – The more lead time the better, but Eric will need at least two days. – Eric will publicize the tours on the FCC Facebook site and FCC email. If there is time he will also send notices to the News-Miner and KUAC.
– Show up at the start. – Count your tour members. – See if you can get one person to be the caboose. – It helps for keeping groups together, especially if there are several intersections in your tour. – Make sure everyone meets these requirements: – You must be a member of the Fairbanks Cycle Club. – You must wear a helmet (insurance requirement). – You must inform someone in the group if you decide to peel off or turn back. – Have fun! – Finish the tour. – Hopefully, you have the same amount of riders at the start and end!
– Send Eric a report of how things went – Include photos if you have any – Eric will put reports on the FCC Facebook page
Eric Troyer, Fatty Tour coordinator