Hi all,
The FCC Bike Swap is less than two weeks away and we could sure use your help in getting the word out. The links below lead to versions of this year’s bike swap flyer (one large, one small). Here’s how you can help:
—Print out the flyer and post it wherever people can see it (schools, workplaces, churches, etc.). Remember to post flyers only where you are allowed to do so. —Post the flyer online to any appropriate groups of which you are member. —Send the flyer to any appropriate email groups of which you are a member.
*2019 FCC Bike Swap Flyer links:* Large (1MB, best for printing): drive.google.com/file/d/1iKNrQ5dveoHK-OJSdM8f8tCOofcmy_zd/view?usp=sharing Small (500KB, best for online): drive.google.com/file/d/1reyLak-FSJJkjB6v4aNT0pn1hOU-F284/view?usp=sharing
Thanks for all your help!