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  Midnight Sun Run – Riders Needed

It is coming up on that time of year again. The 37th annual Midnight Sun Run happens a week from this Saturday, on June 22nd, starting 10pm in front of the Patty Center on UAF campus and ending inside Pioneer Park 10 kilometers later, after winding through two subdivisions and making a couple major road crossings.

The FCC participates in this event by being the pace setters for the lead runners. Basically, we provide the race with a number of FCC members to ride in front of the lead runners, staying a steady distance ahead of them so they can focus on us rather than having to deal with distractions (spectators, people wandering out into the course, pets, etc.) as they are running.

I need about 4-6 members who want to participate. The total time commitment is approximately an hour if that (we'll meet at 9:30 at our rally point and then form up in front of the runners right before the race starts, and then the actual race takes about 20 minutes or so from start to finish) and the only thing that is required is you are a member of the FCC and that you wear some FCC gear (t-shirt, jersey, shorts, etc.) if you have such.

We also provide for basic course security, i.e., keeping the course clear of spectators, pets, etc. and basically ensuring that no one wanders out into the race course.

Leave a message at my home phone (455-8448) or text me at my cell phone (687-0777) to let me know you're interested.

I'll call you back with a little more information about where to meet, what to expect, etc.

It's a fun way for the club to participate in this annual event and get the club out in the public eye.

Liam Wescott