Corrine Leistikow
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  One week from tonight, August 7, is the annual WOW (Women on Wheels) Butterfly ride.
What is this? It's a ride up and down the 4 hills off of Farmers Loop – like the 4 wings of butterfly- you glide up and ride down. Alright, bad analogy, but we still call it the Butterfly Ride. It's the one ride where we invite any FCC members to come ride with us. SCOW (SCUM on wheels), SOW (spouses on wheels), COW (children on wheels) are all welcome. You do need to be a member of FCC (you can get a one day membership) and you need to wear a helmet. Meet and be ready to ride at 6 PM sharp at the Musher's Hall. 25 miles, 3000 feet elevation gain, you can ride all or any of the hills. I will have directions on how we usually ride so you know where most will be going. There may even be homemade cookies for afterwards! Hope to see you out there for this fun and awesome ride.