David James
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  Tuesday Ride on Sunday!

As promised, since the weather turned nice, tomorrow I will lead anyone who is interested on the route from Tuesday's canceled ride.

We'll leave from the Vallata at noon, head up Jones Road and Waldheim to a series of trails and roads that will take us to the top of Moose Mountain. We'll take the section line over to Old Murphy Dome Road, and ride the frontage trail to the top of Spanky's. Then it's a long downhill that will feel like more work than the uphill. If you've never ridden Spanky's, this is your chance to experience the roughest downhill ride I am aware of in the Valley. This one ranks high on the dumb scale.

Plan on about four hours, give or take. It's supposed to be sunny and sixty, so perfect conditions. Helmet use will be required. Snacks and sodas will be provided at the end.

Dave J.