FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP (An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)
BACKPEDALING IN THE WRANGELLS Another great Bjorn Olson story, this one about a fatbike/packraft trip in the Wrangell Mountains.
This story was featured in the latest issue of Adventure Cycling’s Bike Bits.
IRONMAN OVER OBESITY Great story about using an Ironman triathlon to get healthy!
Jessica, 34 at the time, had never been a runner. Shawn, then 38, didn’t know how to swim. They were both obese. Some people thought they were crazy to even dream about it. When Shawn went to buy running shoes at a local retailer and mentioned his plans, the clerk told him, “You’ll never do that. Go out and go walking and just do that.”
FOR BIKING YOUNG FAMILIES The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition produced a free guide with concrete information about family biking with children in the trimesters before they are born, and as babies, toddlers and school agers.
IS CYCLING A RISK FOR SPREADING COVID-19? Another article about outdoor exercise and Covid-19. This one is really good. In short, the research is very new and sparse. Everyone needs to put on their critical thinking caps and, where they are allowed to, make their own decisions based on the information as it comes available.
Considering that this disease is quite dangerous to some and very contagious, the best advice is still to be very cautious when exercising around others not from your household. It’s not just about protecting yourself or the other person, it’s about not spreading this virus so quickly that it overwhelms our health care system.
Keep exercising outdoors, but just be safe about it!
CYCLING ESSAYS WANTED Are you a writer who cycles? Or a cyclist who writes? Either way you are wanted! Well, your submissions are wanted for an Alaska anthology of essays by or about contemporary cyclists. Read more here:
SURVEY SEEKS WINTER ULTRA RACERS Endurance racer Forest Wagner is looking for survey participants who have taken part in winter ultras and adventure races in the last 5 years Read more about it below. Follow this link to the survey!