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EVEREST CHALLENGE At least five people in Fairbanks have signed up to participate in Rebecca Rusch’s Giddy Up Challenge, a physical challenge and fundraising campaign. (Link below if you want to donate.)
Corrine Leistikow and Tyson Flaharty are both attempting to ride an Everest starting Saturday. For those who don’t know, an Everest is when a person rides the same hill over and over until he or she reaches the elevation of Everest in feet climbed (29,029′). (Downhills don’t count.)
Corrine will be riding from the Pedro Dome Monument on the Steese Highway to Cleary Summit and back. She will start early Saturday morning. Tyson will be riding Ester Dome Road and will start after he gets off work at Goldstream Sports on Saturday.
Both could use some cheering on. Corrine will be riding late into Saturday night/early Sunday morning, since she has to ride the hill 26.5 times. Tyson figures it will take him about 12 hours.
Three others in town — Tom Dale, Maureen Fried, and Janice Onorato — are also doing the outdoors Baked Potato version of the event (5,295’), but we don’t have the details on where they will be riding. Contact them, if you know them.
Here’s more information about the challenge, including a place to donate: www.rebeccasprivateidaho.com/giddy-up-challenge
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