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2020 ALASKA WALK/BIKE CONFERENCE COMING SOON! Virtual and free Makes attending easy!
The link has been updated with an agenda, speaker topics and biographies, a registration link, and more.
COME JOIN FCC’S LOVE TO RIDE GROUP Come join the growing FCC “Love to Ride” group! We’re cranking out the biking miles, upping our stats for Bike Month. The first challenge happens through May, but then another continues through September. (If you’re already a member, click the link and check out the stats.)
If you already use one of the below apps, you can connect them so that your rides are automatically updated (and your past rides will be counted). You can also enter your miles manually. Whatever your flavor, if you are a Fairbanks cyclist, we would love for you to be a part of our group!
Strava MapMyRide Endomondo The Love to Ride app
PANDEMIC HITS BIKE SALES This story has some rather grim news about the bicycle business, but it features Fairbanks store Goldstream Sports. And, as owner Joel Buth points out, bike stores are doing better business right now that a lot of places.
BIKE BITS INCLUDES ARTICLE ON ART WHILE BIKEPACKING Once again, here are some incredible articles and videos from Adventure Cycling’s “Bike Bits,” including this one about a backpacker who takes time for sketching during her trips.
See this and more in this edition of Bike Bits:
BIKE TRAVEL WEEKEND/BIKE YOUR PARK DAY Here’s something to consider for September.
Shared from: Adventure Cycling Association Bike Travel Weekend and Bike Your Park Day will be held on the same weekend this year– September 25 – 27. You can create your own ride and experience or join an existing ride in your area, whether it’s an overnight bike adventure or a day ride through public lands. You choose the day (during or around the last weekend of September), who you go with, and where you go. It’s your adventure! ow.ly/TxPy50zKASG
NON-MOTORIZED PLAN COMMENT OPPORTUNITY Shared from: Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning 🗃️ COMMENT OPPORTUNITY 🗃️
🎉 Our 2012 Non-motorized Plan is getting an update this year!
🚴 By updating our plan, we hope to raise local awareness of transportation independence options in our community.
We have launched an online, interactive map 🗺️ & survey 📝 with the help of Kittelson & Associates, Inc. to begin collecting your comments on non-motorized activity in our Metropolitan Planning Area. There’s also a general comments form. ✔️
🚍🚏 Please share your thoughts with us by May 31, 2020.
🌐LINK: fastplanning.us/projectsandprograms/nmpupdate/