*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP*(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)

*JUST FOUR DAYS LEFT ON THE FCC GEAR SALE!*The awesome new FCC gear — jerseys, shorts, and more — is available at the online store. The gear was so popular we had to open the store again!
The store is open until July 2, but the 15% off sale is good for just four more days – that’s June 30. If you haven’t bought yours already, better get to it now!
The details are all here:
*DIVERSITY IN CYCLING VIDEO*Interesting video on a woman trying to become the first female African-American pro road racing cyclist.
Note: On at least one computer the video opens toward the end. If this happens to you, just restart or move the marker back to the beginning.
*FAIRBANKSANS ROCK ON DENALI GRAVEL RACE*The official results are in. Alisabeth Thurston-Hicks and Tyson Flaharty won the 100-mile Denali Bottom gravel race last weekend! There are several other Fairbanks names in the results, too! Congratulations to all who participated. We hear it was a bit damp. The Denali Bottom is a 100-mile gravel race held on the Denali Highway.
*SOLSTICE BIKE RIDE*A long ride to the top of Murphy Dome down to the Chatanika and back is rewarded with some rain, mud, and Thai food for dinner!
*LOVE TO RIDE STATS KEEP GROWING!*You guys are doing awesome with the May-Sept Biking Challenge! We are closing in on 10,000 miles ridden and 500 trips taken. And that’s with just 17 riders! Anybody else out there want to join our group? It’s pretty easy. Check out the link below.
If you already use one of the below apps, you can connect them so that your rides are automatically updated (and your past rides will be counted). You can also enter your miles manually. Whatever your flavor, if you are a Fairbanks cyclist, we would love for you to be a part of our group!
Strava MapMyRide Endomondo The Love to Ride app
Oh, and if you’re looking for people to ride with, check out our weekly rides here:
*COMMENT ON 5TH AVE RECONSTRUCTION*If you bike along 5th Avenue, make sure to comment on the planned reconstruction.
Shared from Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning June 19 These postcards went out from Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities this week!
They launched the online, open house & survey effort today to get your input on the reconstruction of 5th Avenue.
The comment period is from 06/19-07/19/2020. Get those comments in about your expectations, hopes, and concerns for 5th Avenue in our downtown core.
LINK: dot.alaska.gov/nreg/5th-ave/
*TRAILS CHALLENGE INFO*Some important notes if you are doing the Trails Challenge.
Shared from Alaska State ParksLike Page June 18 **Fairbanks area advisory** ASP Rangers were just out on the Mastodon Trail and there is a fresh moose kill on the trail at mile 2.25. It is being actively fed on and an advisory sign will be up at trailhead as soon as possible, but please pass the word. The bears will likely be there all night.
For more info on the Trails Challenge:
*NEWS ON UNIVERSITY AVENUE BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION*If this is a normal commute route for you, please be aware of construction. The good news is you will have a nicer ride when it’s all done. The less good news is that it’s going to take a little bit before their finished.
Shared from Alaska Department of Transportation & Public FacilitiesLike Page
Fairbanks! We’ve got some University Ave news. We’re replacing the Chena River Bridge starting this fall! Yay! But also that means we’re going to CLOSE University between Goldizen and Airport starting mid-July this year through October 2021. That’s right—all winter and next construction season. We know that’s a lot to take in. This is going to be hard. Here’s why we’re closing it for so long:
1) We have to DEMOLISH the bridge in the fall when water levels are low and there is no ice in the river. Before that, beginning in July, we’ll be totally reconstructing and widening the north leg of the Airport/University intersection.
2) LARGE BRIDGES, like the one we’re building here with a bunch of utilities, takes longer than one summer to complete.
3) There’s NOT ENOUGH SPACE to build a temporary bridge between the private property and state park next to the road.
Some GOOD NEWS: pedestrians and bikes will still be able to cross on a temporary pedestrian bridge. All business access will remain open. The new bridge is going to be awesome, with a median, shoulders, decorative railing, and plenty of space for pedestrians and bikes.
We’ve put you through a lot with all this work on University. We know. And we’re sorry it’s so hard. At the same time, we are so excited to get this bridge in service as soon as possible to get rid of those narrow lanes, widen that single-file sidewalk, and retire a 57-year-old bridge that has lived out its useful life.
Thanks, Fairbanks. We’ll be coming at you soon with more details. In the meantime: