*DOIN’ THE DALTON UPDATE * Here’s an update on our earlier post IN-STATE LUXURY BIKE CAMPING about doing a supported bike trip on the Dalton Highway.
“Had a great trip up the Dalton…nobody but us and the truckers, who despite their rep, slowed down, pulled over and waved. We of course did the same. Got some great miles in a beautiful part of our state.”
Check the previous post here:
www.fairbankscycleclub.org/2020/07/fcc-anti-social-media-newsletter-12/ ( www.fairbankscycleclub.org/2020/07/fcc-anti-social-media-newsletter-12/ ) —-
*THE FALL YOUTH MTB PROGRAM IS FULL * Coach Hilary Saucy thanks everyone for contributing to its success this summer!
*HOODOO MTB RACE SERIES STARTS AUG 16 * It’s time to sign up for the Hoo Doo Cup Mountain Bike Race Series!  More information and registration can be found at the link below.
runsignup.com/Race/AK/Fairbanks/HooDooCupRaceSeries ( runsignup.com/Race/AK/Fairbanks/HooDooCupRaceSeries ) —-
*FCC NEEDS OFFICERS FOR BOARD * Fairbanks Cycle Club is recruiting new officers for the Board or Directors. The president, vice president, and treasurer will NOT seek reelection in October for professional and personal reasons. These positions will remain vacant until filled.
The time commitment of each position depends on the goals set by the board. For more information contact current board president Rachael Kvapil at pres@fairbankscycleclub.org