Our Brobdingnagian Ride!

We followed Nikki
On mining roads near Pedro Dome
As we descended the views were

We rode to dead ends, saw another road
But could find no connection
Our disappointment was

Dave and Eric on the descent. Eric’s helmet wings show off his Brobdingnagian dorkness while Dave hides his.

We grunted back uphill
But the grades were ridable
The climb was not in any way

Well, the grades were gentle unless you were like Travis and went offroading!

At a fork, the group split
Four to the cars, four explored more
The groups were no longer

The explorers found a cliffy area. (No riders were hurt during this photo shoot.)

The intrepid explorers descended again
As light faded, they found connection!
Their elation was

A Small Haiku

It screams to be said again

Photos by Nikki, Leah, and Dave. Hack poetry by Eric.