Nugget Creek Trippin

Plunge. Beaver pond slog
Ascend. Ester Dome summit
Swamp and hills. Great fun!
Part way down the descent from the top of Ester Dome, the group was all smiles.
Then we discovered the beavers have been very active.
Very active! (But we made it around. See top photo).
On the other side we found the trespass cabin, now inhabited by this uke-playing hillbilly!
Then the climbing started.
We met a friendly hunter on an ATV.
He said he hoped his nice evening out wasn’t spoiled by actually getting a moose and having to deal with it.
Nikki demonstrates more climbing.
And there was more climbing. This was Leah’s first ride with the group.
She had an old non-suspension mountain bike, but brought lots of smiles to smooth out the ride.
Evan and Nikki show that some of the climbing was pedestrian-powered.
Carl was having his doubts about this ride. (Look behind you, Carl! The views are great!)
At the Equinox Marathon Out-and-Back Turnaround, Carl found his smile.
We were back in known territory! The end wasn’t too far away!

Photos by Nikki, Dave and Eric. Haiku by Eric.