Somehow missed this until now. But there is still time to comment for those interested. DOT is seeking comments on the draft environmental agreement of the Steese Expressway/Johansen Expressway Interchange. Among other things the project “aims to address operational and safety concerns including pedestrian and bicycle safety, pedestrian delay, vehicle delay, and the proximity of Farmers Loop Road.” A public comment survey is also available on the project website until October 31. <…[0]=AT3sHLSuMm36OQtnq8RzOY3P-S8mtik-kDsuTLexJ01UjN2zDm0Mvs0l9NVNH2XcV4ArkPvUr38LuDYs-oaE3JtVaC_xhoTjz7WHR_k66PTiF6UNbtPRYx1u5xybl-dap0p35vXviOHsrI7zfZEyaiAGYvlDwfAh8Q-8nMQo865OV91l8F66qN8iJqsdIHmujQ>