*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP*(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)
*UAF GREEN BIKES HIRING*If you are a UAF student and interested in getting paid to work on bikes, check this out.
Shared from UAF Sustainability and FreeStore Dec 1 We are hiring student employees!
Green Bikes Mechanic. This person will learn how to repair bikes and work on bike repair, rentals, and promoting biking on campus:
*MTB SKILLS PARK IDEA*This is an interesting idea. An MTB bike skills park that comes with videos. How many people would like to see something like that in Fairbanks?
Shared from International Mountain Bicycling Association Dec 1 Instead of creating pump tracks in an open area, BAMBA (Berks Area Mountain Biking Association), Philadelphia District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and DirtSculpt LLC created a sustainable skills park in a wooded portion of the Blue Marsh Recreational Area to simulate trail riding with clay-based trails that will resist erosion. Soon to be added are QR code signs that will link riders to how-to videos to help hone their skills. Kids can even track their rides and earn prizes through Kids in Parks! ⚒️ #ReadingRideCenter #BronzeLevel Learn more about BAMBA’s restoration efforts ➡️ bit.ly/36x650w
*BIKE BITS ARTICLE HIGHLIGHT*Biking meets science nerd-dom! “In Search of Grand Canyon Uranium”
This was featured in the most recent edition of Bike Bits, which includes lots of other cool stories, mostly about national and international bike travel, but other stuff, too.
Read about it all here:
And here’s the bike/science nerd story:
*RECREATE RESPONSIBLY REMINDER*Here’s a good reminder from the Winter Wildlands Alliance. COVID-19 cases are spiking in Alaska, but we can still get outdoors and exercise as long as we take a few precautions. We are blessed to have so many opportunities to get out and ski in Interior Alaska during these stressful times!
Shared from Winter Wildlands Alliance Nov 24 Are you in the know for snow? At the start of the pandemic in the United States, the #RecreateResponsibly campaign became the go-to resource for how to get outside responsibly. As seasons change, so do our practices to stay safe outside and to protect the places we play. Check out the Recreate Responsibly winter edition and share with your snowpeople!
*BIKE TO SNOWMOBILE KIT*Too weird not to share! Anyone think these will crowd out fatbikes?
Shared from Matt Hygh > Alaska Mountain Bike Group Dec 1 New conversion kit turns mountain bikes into electric snowmobiles electrek.co/2020/12/01/new-conversion-kit-turns-mountain-bike-into-electric-snowmobile/
*GOLDSTREAM FATBIKE ROUTES*Goldstream Sports has a page of great fatbike routes that start and end at the store. Check it out!
Shared from Goldstream Sports Nov 30 Looking for a great spot to fat bike ride? We’ve created a new page on our site with some routes! Click the images on the page to get more details for each route. All routes start and end at the shop. All of the trails are in great condition!
*FCC BOARD PROFILE: ALYSSA ENRIQUEZ*Meet Alyssa Enriquez, the new FCC board president!
*ADMA TRAILS GET GROOMED, NEED DONATIONS*Awesome that the ADMA trails are getting in good shape. If you use these trails (and/or the Musher’s Hall parking lot), please buy a trail pass or donate. See “Passes and Sponsorships” on the main ADMA page: alaskadogmushers.com/
Shared from Alaska Dog Mushers Association Nov 29 Trail Report ADMA (Jeff Studdert Raceway). We have groomed through all of the turns 4, 4.8, 8, 9.7, 11,12.5, 14.4, 16.4, 19.8 and the ONAC connector is in, as well as the 1 dog loop. Portions of the extension have been groomed but need some more work. The trail is safe and looking really good for this time of year. “Only concerns are a few places need to be brushed out and a few places are still a little rough”. There has been lots of mushers, skijor, bikjor, skiers, bikers, walkers, runners and overall users of the trail system. We have a daily user rate of $5 or a yearly trail pass for $75 that you can pay on ADMA website or there is a drop box at the Mushers Hall trail head. This money is used to groom these amazing trails and keep our equipment updated, Thanks Golden Heart City…