Tom Dale was elected as treasurer of the Fairbanks Cycle Club at the FCC Annual Meeting in October. Here’s a Q and A and some pics so that we can all get to know him a little better. Thank you for being willing to serve Tom!

How long have you lived in Fairbanks?

21 years.

What keeps you here?

The winters.

When did you start cycling?

Of course, I rode my bike as a kid, but I started on road bikes in 1977 at the University of Montana. Bunch of guys on my floor started riding together. My dad gave me $99 for a used yellow Le Jeune with no front derailleur. I put a lot of miles on that bike!

What type(s) of cycling do you enjoy? Why?

I like to ride my bike. I like any kind of riding, even the indoor trainer. Currently, I’m most excited about gravel biking. You can do whatever you like on the gravel bike, and it’s fun. It’s nice to be outside without a lot of cars but not need a special bike.

Tom on riding the indoor trainer outdoors: “We ride inside all winter on the trainer. It’s cooler and sunnier to get out on the porch even though the roads are still icy.”

Do you have a favorite piece of cycling equipment? If so, what and why?

Not really. Bikes are tools.

Do you have a place you like to go cycling around Fairbanks?

I end up going toward Cleary Summit most often on my road bike. It’s easy to get to and few cars if you don’t hit shift change at the mine. I also like the Old Nenana for some reason.

Do you have a memorable story you’d like to share from your cycling experiences?

I’ve had so much fun on my bike: the Denali Park Road with Mark Simon; riding in the beginning with my friends in Missoula; some awesome riding down around Solvang, CA; riding in Japan and Italy; riding the Denali Highway; fat biking Goldstream; Going to the Sun Highway; The San Juan Islands with my friends. Too many great times to narrow down

How have you been involved in the cycling community?

I feel bad that the Tour of Fairbanks died. I enjoyed that race a lot. I found the Tuesday Doug Rides to be too long and outside my comfort zone. I enjoyed the Virtual Race format this year.

What do you do when you are not cycling?

Read, ski, work. Travel. Go on bike trips.

Why did you choose to serve on the FCC Board of Directors?

I figured it was my turn. I appreciate all the work people like Fred Harbison, Joel Buth, Chris Knott, Rachael Kvapil, and Eric Troyer have done to keep things going. I would hate to see the club die.

Is there anything more you want to tell us about yourself?

Nope. I’m sure you fell asleep many questions ago!