Jenny Campbell was elected as secretary of the Fairbanks Cycle Club at the FCC Annual Meeting in October. Here’s a Q and A and some pics so that we can all get to know her a little better. Thank you for being willing to serve Jenny!

How long have you lived in Fairbanks?

37 years.

What keeps you here?

Friends, the outdoors, beautiful skies, not too many people.

When did you start cycling?

I grew up riding with my family. We toured and raced in Southern California through the American Youth Hostels organization, where my mom was the regional president. I rode my bike commuting to music lessons and softball practice. It gave me freedom as a kid. I’ve never looked back. 

Commuting in winter!

What type(s) of cycling do you enjoy? Why?

My favorite biking is off road and away from cars, be it gravel, fat tire or mountain biking.  I’ve been getting into bikepacking the past few years and plan to do more of that in the future.

Why? I like to hear my tires on the ground, watch the surroundings, camp, and be able to zone out without being concerned with traffic.

Do you have a favorite piece of cycling equipment? If so, what and why?

Not really. I love my different bikes for different reasons and the different places they can take me.

Do you have a place you like to go cycling around Fairbanks?


Summer – mountain biking on any single tracks I can find. (I typically ride the Ester Dome or Birch Hill/Wainwright ones.) Or I like taking my gravel bike on the Denali Highway.

Winter – Fat biking the Dunbar Trail or just riding in the springtime sun of the Goldstream Valley.

Do you have a memorable story you’d like to share from your cycling experiences?

Stories are best for the trail or around the campfire…..

How have you been involved in the cycling community?

I generally ride with small groups of friends. When my kids were in grade school I’d help with the annual bike days and that sort of thing, but otherwise nothing official.

Jenny with son-in-law Kenny Brewer while they supported Jenny’s daughter (and Kenny’s wife) Kira during the very rainy/snowy Equinox Marathon run of 2019.

What do you do when you are not cycling?

Work, ski, cook, eat, hang out with friends.

Why did you choose to serve on the FCC Board of Directors?

I chose to serve because I see great potential in the club and finding new ways to reach out to people from all walks of life to inspire them to take up the great sport of cycling.  

I’ve benefitted from those who served before me and all they have done to promote cycling in Fairbanks. Now it’s time for me to step up and lend a hand.