*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*

*FRIDAY DEADLINE FOR NON-MOTORIZED PLAN COMMENT*Just two more days to comment! Deadline is March 19 (that’s tomorrow). Lots of people have submitted comments. Have you? Let your voice be heard!
*GO PLAY OUTSIDE BOOK SIGNING*This a family that definitely knows how to play outside in Interior Alaska!
Beaver Sports Event Friday, March 19, 2021 at 5:30 PM AKDT – 6:30 PM AKDT Price: Free · Duration: 1 hr
An outdoor socially distanced book signing in the snow? Why not!
Local author Nancy Fresco and contributing authors Jay, Molly, and Elizabeth Cable will sign copies and read short excerpts from their book, “Go Play Outside: Tips, Trick, and Tales from the Trails”. Recently released by the University of Alaska Press, this guide to enjoying the great outdoors with children of all ages offers practical tips, engaging anecdotes, and real-world examples. It makes a great gift for new parents and not-so-new parents, either here in Fairbanks or farther afield. Whatever your age and wherever you travel, weather should be no deterrent to fun!
Grab your mask, a warm jacket, and your sense of humor, and come join us for this uniquely Fairbanksan literary event.
Call the store for more details (479-2494).
*TUBELESS TIRE TIPS*Have you got tubeless tires? Do you want to work on them yourself, but you’re struggling with getting them seated properly? Here’s a handy tips video.
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com March 17 Have you ever lost your mind trying to seat a stubborn tubeless tire? In our latest Tips & Tricks video, Neil shares a few secrets for mounting those uncooperative tires with just a floor pump. Many home mechanics don’t have access to an air compressor, so these tricks should save you a lot of frustration…
*THREE LANES BETTER THAN FOUR?*This was proposed for College Road several years ago and was met with strong opposition.
The project is listed in the current Non-Motorized Plan on page 26 as a High Priority project. If you support it, you should comment. It’s sure to get opposition again when it comes up.
“Make College Road a Complete Street with three vehicle lanes, bike lanes, bus pullouts, and pedestrian crossings.”
You have until March 19, Friday, to comment on the plan here:
Shared from Strong Towns March 14 Psst: this is a great video to send anyone who’s skeptical that narrower roads will really make their place stronger. —via Greater Greater Washington
*PRE-TRIP BIKE LIST*Not sure how to get your bike ready for a bigger trip? Here’s a good list.
BIKEPACKING.com March 16 In this guide, we cover a pre-bikepacking rig checklist and a maintenance agenda to help you prepare your trusty steed for a successful backcountry mission. Find the video guide as well as a 16-step checklist here…
*TIME TO RE-UP YOUR MEMBERSHIP?*Summer biking is coming soon!
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