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*LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD ON BIKING INFRASTRUCTURE*Here’s an easy way to speak up for biking infrastructure.
Shared from League of American Bicyclists July 16
Take Action TODAY: the Senate is negotiating the final details of its $3.5 billion infrastructure deal and we cannot let the safety of people who bike, walk, and roll be left out. We need your voice calling for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework to be bike-partisan and prioritize the safety of vulnerable road users. Take action now » p2a.co/E01H9QD
*BIKEPACKING PRESENTATION STILL AVAILABLE*If you missed this presentation, it’s not too late! A brochure is available at the store and the video is on the video section of the Beaver Sports website.
Share from Beaver Sports July 16
A wealth of knowledge was shared at last evening’s Bike Packing How To Presentation! Thanks to @emily.schaldach and @johanne_johanne for bringing your expertise to the fine folks of Fairbanks. The brochure illustrated by @maggie.d_ak is available for free in our store AND the video of the presentation has been immortalized on our Beaver Sports Facebook page.
*PLEASE CALL OUT TO PEOPLE YOU PASS*This is a good reminder for all bikers. It’s wonderful to be zipping along on your bike, but remember that you can accidentally scare people or, worse, accidentally run into them. This is also true if you are passing slower cyclists, especially kids.
Shared from Heather Andrulli
PSA for bicycle riders: PLEASE call out to pedestrians you are about to pass from behind: “Trail!” “On your right(left)!” “Behind you!”
Anything that warns the person in front of you. Passing cars make noise, I may be lost in thought, some may be listening to music, a dog might be old and getting deaf, etc. This summer I have been startled out of my wits, unknowingly veered into a bicyclists path, and saw my dog barely miss being hit by a bike. I have been passed by many high quality bikes ridden by people with expensive safety gear maintaining a good form and biking at an athletic pace. Only once has someone warned me of their presence. 99% have gone past me at a pace fast enough to cause injury to me if they hit me. Silently. Inches from me.
Please pass this along. We pedestrians should be safe walking on the sidewalk. All I ask is a heads up warning.
*WILCOX SETS FKT ON AK PIPELINE ROUTE*Anchorage cyclist Lael Wilcox sets an FKT for biking the length of the Alaska Pipeline (while staying on public roads)!
–Wilcox, 34, left the general store in Deadhorse on Tuesday morning with the goal of setting the fastest-known time (FKT) along the route.
She reached the marina in Valdez a few minutes before 4 a.m. Saturday.
Total time: 3 days, 18 hours and 47 minutes, which included 10 or 11 hours of sleep.–
–During the peak of production in 1988, oil flowed the length of the 800-mile pipeline in 4.5 days, according to an April 2021 report by Alyeska Pipeline. In these days of waning production, it moves at a very un-Wilcox rate of 18 days.–
*FREE ARTICLE FROM ADVENTURE CYCLIST*This is a hoot of an article!
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One of the best articles from the July 2021 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine. If you like it, we hope you’ll subscribe!
*WILCOX ATTEMPT AT OREGON OUTBACK ROUTE*If you’re a fan of Anchorage endurance cyclist phenom Lael Wilcox, here’s an article we just came across about her FKT attempt on the Oregon Outback.