The weather gods smiled on the WOW riders last night. It was soggy all week, but the weather cleared up for us. No rain, no wind, and perfect temperatures (around 60F) for lots of climbing. 11 people showed up for this fun ride: Seven WOW, one LOL and a few assorted men. It was a great night to be out there riding. A few LOL did the ride earlier in the day thinking that it might rain later. They were wrong and they missed out on cookies, but they had a great ride, too!

Seven of us ended up riding together. We spread a little on each of the hills but regrouped within 30 seconds at the top and then bombed down the next hill before starting to climb again. It was fun going back and forth with each other all night. There was no resting on this ride. I think it was one of the fastest Butterfly rides that we have had.

Jordan was nice enough to pull us up McGrath and then ride ahead on Skyline to get some photos of us. Thanks, Jordan for coming along, leading our paceline and taking photos. Tom showed up with no bike shoes so had to go back home to get them. He started 30 minutes after us and ended up riding all alone but was smiling when he showed up at the finish. Way to get it done, Tom! Raena ended up bailing a little early but hopefully she had a good ride, too. Anna and Barb rode together and finished just a few minutes after the front pack. Way to go, ladies! And Heidi was on fire tonight. She was close to the front on every climb, and she was a speed demon on all the downhills! She is getting so fast!

We finished up by eating chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread and talking about how much fun WOW rides are!

Thanks to everybody who joined the WOW Butterfly Ride. It was great to see all of you. Let’s do it again next August!


Distance: 25.2 mph

Average speed: 15.6 mph (from Heidi’s Strava – I was a bit slower at 14.9 mph)

Top speed: Heidi and Jordan hit 53.9 mph going down Summit!!!

Barb and Anna