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*TRANS SOUTH DAKOTA ADVENTURE*Fairbanksan Corrine Leistikow recently completed the Trans South Dakota bikepacking race, finishing as the second woman and the last finisher in a race that saw a large dropout rate due to the heat.
Read about her adventures here: notquiteoverthehillcorrineanderic.blogspot.com/2021/08/trans-south-dakota-2021.html
*DIY BIKE MAINTENANCE CLINIC*If your bike needs some minor repairs and you want to do-it-yourself, remember that Beaver Sports has this Friday clinic where you can get some guidance.
Event by Beaver Sports Beaver Sports Friday at 5 PM AKDT โ€“ 6:30 PM AKDT Price: Free ยท Duration: 1 hr 30 min Come by Beaver Sports to learn how to maintain the working condition of your bike! (These events occur weekly in the summer). For more info call the store: (907) 479-2494.
*BIKERAFTING GUIDE*Oh, the places you’ll go!
Shared from Roman Dial is with Jon Underwood and 19 others
Of all the wacky, niche-level, outdoor adventures i’ve dabbled in over the years, the bike and boat combination has always been the one that scratched my creative adventure itch best. This book about what’s now called “bikerafting” (fourcornersguides.com/thebikeraftguide) came in the mail yesterday and was a delight to look at, browse through and read.
It’s amazing the number of stories in here from around the world and from all kinds of environments. Lots of photos ranging from worn-out, dusty old trips during the age of film to shiny digital new ones. This book really does a great job of showcasing what bikerafting is and can be, as well as educating on how to do it.
An ace kayaker once told me that the outdoor adventure community is like a big tapestry that each generation adds to with new patterns, colors, and blends. The Bikeraft Guide and the Packraft Handbook document how the current outdoor adventure generation has contributed to a tapestry traceable back to Alexander von Humboldt by way of Bradford Washburn, John Wesley Powell, and Yule Kilcher followed in Alaska by David Roberts (1960s explorer of Alaska’s wilderness summits), Dick Griffith (pioneer of 20th century packrafting), and George Ripley (founder of the Alaska Mountain and Wilderness Classic).
If you can get hold of this book, buy it: don’t let the image of a grumpy old man (whose PFD is under his jacket) on the cover dissuade you.
*BIKES AND ICE CREAM!* Shared from Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks & Rec
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! ๐Ÿฆ
Friday, August 6.
Get your bike, stroller, tandem or trike, and bring those wheels to Griffin Park for our Ice Cream Bike Ride!
Peddle along the suggested route (Chena River Bike Path to Pioneer Park) and afterwards, join us back at Griffin Park for Hot Licks ice cream and a toppings bar! FREE!
Ice cream will be served from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Show up early, enjoy a beautiful ride along the river, and a sweet treat from FNSB Parks and Recreation!
Please wear a helmet.
*INSPIRATION FROM HISTORY *Here’s an inspiring story from history. A one-armed, vegetarian once held the record for most miles cycled in a year, despite a late start and surgery that required hospitalization!
*HYDRATION OPTION REVIEWS*Are these hot temps making you think hydration?
Shared from Adventure Cycling Association
Cool reviews just in time for a hot August.
*BICYCLE COMMUTER ACT*Shared from Walk/Bike Alaska July 29 Support the Bicycle Commuter Act If passed, the Bicycle Commuter Act would give you $81/month (pre-tax and adjusted for inflation) for riding your bike to work. Before this bill can move forward, your senator and representative need to hear that you support it. Use this form to send a letter to your members of Congress today, asking them to co-sponsor this important legislation.
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