Corrine Leistikow
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  Yes, it's almost time for the 11th annual WOW BUTTERFLY RIDE! I know you all have been anxiously waiting. Meet next Wed. August 11 at the Musher’s Hall, ready to fly up Summit at 6:00 pm.
What is it you ask? It consists of climbing and descending 4 hills. Since butterflies have 4 wings it's called the Butterfly Ride. You fly up and then you fly down. 25 miles, approx. 2 hours, 2960 ft. elevation gain, and a whole lot of FUN! This ride is not just for WOW (Women on Wheels) riders. SCOW (SCUM on Wheels), SOW (Spouses on Wheels), COW (Children on Wheels) and any other FCC members are encouraged to join us. This event is a ride not a race which means you ride at the pace you want. Helmets are mandatory.
Meet at the bottom of Summit for the 1st hill, ready to conquer all 4 ascents and descents of Summit, Skyline, McGrath, and Skyridge.
Up Summit
Down Skyline
Up McGrath
Partway down Old Steese
Up Skyridge
Down Summit
Up Skyline
Down Skyridge
Up Old Steese
Down McGrath
BUTTERFLY RIDE—25 mi. ride time-approx 1.45 to 2.30
Bring snacks; we're going to need them after this ride. I’ll bring cookies. It'll be AWESOME!
Don't feel like you can fly up and down all 4 hills…then do as many as you can.
You are going to LOVE this ride, don’t miss out, see you there, Corrine