*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*EQUINOX MARATHON CLEAN UP RIDE ON SUNDAY*All right, y’all. We need a few people to help out with the Equinox Clean Up ride. It’s great fun and a worthy cause. This is a fundraiser for the club as well as a big help to the Equinox organizers. You’ll need a mountain bike or gravel bike. Who’s on board to help?
*SIGN-ON LETTER FOR BIKE LEGISLATION*If you support legislation for an electric bicycle tax credit and a bike commuter benefit, People for Bikes has a sign on letter.
*BIKE/PED PATH TO BE ADDED ON RICHARDSON*Good news for those biking between Fairbanks and North Pole! From the News-Miner story:
Planning Commission Chairman John Perreault said the project offers an added bonus beyond safety. “One of the best things it does,” he said, “beyond the safety aspect of the overcrossing, is that it builds a critical section of bike and pedestrian path.”
The pathway, which will parallel the overpass on the north side, is the final segment that will link Fairbanks and North Pole via Badger Road for people on foot and on two wheels.
Currently, the Richardson Highway has no bicycle/pedestrian paths between Fairbanks and North Pole.
*END-OF-SEASON WOW REPORT*Here’s an end-of-the-season WOW report and photos from co-leader Corrine Leistikow. Sounds like they had a great season. Anyone out there wanting to join them next season?
WOW riders are the best. It was another great season. We had a main core of 9 riders, Erica, Susie, Kate, Heidi, Mallory, Maria, Anna, Kim, and Corrine with a few others occasionally showing up to ride. We did 21 rides, only missing the first one due to snow. I think we only had substantial rain on one ride. We only had 2 flats the entire season. We rode a total of 530 miles and I’m pretty sure it was the fastest season we’ve ever had with average speeds around 17-19 mph. We had a short easy ride tonight to Sam’s Thai for a fun get together and awards ceremony. Can’t wait to do it all again next year.
*LAEL WILCOX GETS INTERVIEWED WHILE RIDING UPHILL*Highly entertaining interview with Alaska endurance cyclist Lael Wilcox. They do they interview while Lael’s riding a fixie and going uphill! Lots of interesting info about Lael.
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com Sept 15 In the latest episode of State Bicycle’s “Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros,” ultra-endurance athlete Lael Wilcox and State team rider Céline Oberholzer go for a double-summit ride up Rowena Pass in Oregon… and an attempt at a World Record. Watch this entertaining episode here… bikepacking.com/news/riding-fixed-up-mountains-lael-wilcox/
*CYCLOCROSS STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS*The cyclocross State Championships will be held in Anchorage on Oct 21 There will be another race on Oct 3 so you can make it a full weekend. Find out more here: arcticbicycleclub.org/
*BIKE-HIKE MICROADVENTURE IN NOME CREEK VALLEY*Decisions! Decisions! Bike or hike? How about both?!
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