*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*SUPPORT NEEDED FOR TRAILS-RELATED ASSEMBLY ITEMS*The Fairbanks Borough has a few items on its agenda that cyclists, especially mountain bikers and snowbikers, may want to support. –RESOLUTION NO. 2021 – 37: A resolution supporting a trail connecting Birch Hill Rec Area to the Creamer’s Field trails system, including a Steese Highway underpass. –ORDINANCE NO. 2021- 20 – 1H: This would spend matching funds for a Recreational Trails Program grant to reroute parts of the Chena Lake Rec Area River Park Trail due to erosion. The match funds are $8,332 and would comprise 10% of the project funding. –ORDINANCE NO. 2021 – 20 – 1F: This would spend matching funds for a Recreational Trails Program grant to continue creating a hardened trail from the Isberg Rec Area parking lot through wetlands to year-round trails. The match funds are $22,695 and would comprise 10% of the project funding.
See the full agenda here: www.fnsb.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_10282021-1544?html=true <www.fnsb.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_10282021-1544?html=true>
Show your support (or share your concerns) about these items by contacting Assembly Members. Contact info is here: co.fairbanks.ak.us/Directory.aspx?DID=64
*FCC 2021 ANNUAL REPORT AVAILABLE*The Fairbanks Cycle Club Annual Report is online. Link below. If you have any suggestions for improvements for next year, please let us know.
*WINTER MAINTENANCE FORUM COMING*If you cycle the streets in winter, this is a good forum for you!
Shared from Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning Oct 20 🔥 EVENT ALERT 🔥 ❄️ Our 4th Annual Winter Maintenance Forum is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 26th! You’ll start seeing ads in the newspaper, flyers & postcards around town, & notice boards in the downtown area. Join us in-person or online for this classic event. We have door prizes ready to give out to the first 50 attendees – you won’t want to miss it!
Check-out the event details here: fb.me/e/33LGQdmtr
The event starts at 5:30 PM, but get to the library early to check out snow plows & other snow removal equipment in-person. Pictures welcome!
*ATVS TO BE ALLOWED ON ROADS*Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration has decided to allow ATVs on state roads with speed limits of 45 mph or less with certain restrictions. This will start on January 1. Cyclists should be aware of this new rule. This will start on January 1. Here’s a KUAC story, a News-Miner story, a paywall-free news story, and an opinion piece about it.
KUAC fm.kuac.org/2021-10-21/state-legalizing-atv-use-on-roads
News-Miner story: www.newsminer.com/news/alaska_news/atvs-to-hit-the-highways-as-city-borough-consider-measures-implications/article_0a5fe1b6-3111-11ec-acae-e741b0e63c5b.html
News story: www.alaskasnewssource.com/2021/10/16/dunleavy-administration-allow-atvs-state-roads-starting-jan-1/
Opinion piece: www.dermotcole.com/reportingfromalaska/2021/10/15/4077fdj7x3xrmy6at13qvg7ub96ohu
*REALLY RELAXED RIDING*SPD crocs? Maybe spandex pajamas are next for some really relaxed riding!
Stiff cycling shoes not doing it for you? On the hunt for better ventilation for your feet? We’re pleased to announce that Paris-based Valcko Studios will soon be releasing SPD-compatible Crocs in very limited quantities. Learn more here… bikepacking.com/news/valcko-spd-crocs/
*BEAVER SPORTS’ JEFF GILMORE HIGHLIGHTED*Awesome story about Jeff Gilmore. Not only is he a great bike mechanic, he leads the free Beaver Sports Thursday rides and has for years. Thank you, Jeff!
Go meet him in person at the next Thursday ride! They start at 5pm at Beaver Sports
Beaver Sports
“Jeff is an absolute Ninja. He’s been wrenching on bikes a long time. He’s seen it all and he knows what works and what is just silly. What makes him so cool is that he really loves bikes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new carbon fat bike or a sweet pump track bike. He loves working on them and he loves riding them.”
A classic article on our “absolute Ninja,” Jeff! We can’t help but to re-share this awesome piece every now and again!
*TREASURE CREEK TRAIL GOOD FOR FATBIKING*Treasure Creek Trail, off Old Murphy Dome Road, is in great shape for fatbiking. It starts with a lot of fun downhill, so be prepared for some climbing on the way back! The trail is best to the old cabin site because mushers have been using to there regularly. After that, it a snowmachine has laid down track, but it looks a bit rough. www.trailforks.com/…/treasure-creek-trail-partial/
*ROSIE CREEK ROADS A MIXED BAG FOR FATBIKING RIGHT NOW*Report from Saturday ride on the Rosie Creek trails in the Tanana Valley State Forest: Mixed bag. Flodin Road, Malone’s Cutoff, and Harrington’s Long Shot had a single snowmachine track that has set up nicely. A little bumpy, but mostly good for fatbiking. Alden’s Pine Road below the intersection with Pagh Road is good, too. However above that intersection there’s been a couple of 4-wheelers, so the riding is quite challenging and not doable for most in some places.
It was cool to see the new trailhead access trail. That was a bit tricky going down. Didn’t try going up. Took the Harvest Access road and then went up the Parks.
Check out all the trails on Trailforks: www.trailforks.com/region/tanana-valley-state-forest-rosie-creek-1617851220/
<www.trailforks.com/region/tanana-valley-state-forest-rosie-creek-1617851220/> – <www.trailforks.com/region/tanana-valley-state-forest-rosie-creek-1617851220/>