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*YOUR CHANCE TO COMMENT ON BIKES AND LOCAL ROADS*The deadline for commenting on this is today! Check out the interactive map. There’s been quite a few comments suggesting biking and pedestrian improvements. Add your voice! If nothing else, you can give comments a thumbs up or thumbs down.
Shared from Fairbanks North Star Borough Community Planning September 26 at 11:27 AM
Help create safer and better-connected roads in the Fairbanks North Star Borough! The Fairbanks North Star Borough is updating the FNSB Comprehensive Roads Plan to better meet the needs of our changing community.
We need to hear from the community and have extended our survey and interactive comment map deadline through October 15th.
Take a 10-minute survey to tell us what you want out of a new roads plan: www.surveymonkey.com/r/FNSBRoadsPlan
Use our interactive comment map to tell us where you see access or connectivity issues or opportunities: www.mapfeeder.net/comment/index.php?city=Fairbanks
Visit the project website to learn more: fnsbroadsplan.com/
*WESTERN WILDLANDS VIDEO*Curious about the Western Wildlands Route? A couple from Cordova did it recently and made a short film about it.
Shared from Bikepacking Roots
What’s life like out on the Western Wildlands Route? Christiana and Curtis Fincher of Cordova, Alaska rode the length of the WWR last summer over the course of 40 days and put together a nice short film about the experience – highs, lows, solitude, people met along the way, and more. Check it out at https://vimeo.com/578117784
*OMD ROAD GOOD FOR FATBIKING*Looking for a place to get your fatbike on real snow? Old Murphy Dome Road and the old Nike missile site side roads are pretty nice right now. It’s a bit tricky in places as it’s not getting a ton of snowmachine traffic yet and some 4WD trucks are traversing it, but it’s mostly good. You can access it from the Elliott Highway and Spinach Creek Road sides.
*CYCLING PAST 50 SURVEY*Are you over 50 or over and cycling? The makers of this survey want your input.
*KENAI PENINSULA BIKE-KAYAK-PACKRAFT ADVENTURE*This is four years old, but we’re not sure if we shared it back then. It’s a 14-minute video of an awesome bike-sea kayak-packraft adventure on the Kenai Peninsula. One of the adventurers was Bjørn Olson, who’s done some other incredible adventures.
So, what similar types of adventures involving a bike are possible in the Interior?
Shared from Adventure Cycling Association Oct 13 Five friends traverse a large swath of southern Alaska by sea kayak, fat-bike, and packraft. https://vimeo.com/221110753
*END DISTRACTED DRIVING*Ben Grannis is raising funds for “TextLess Live More,” an organization dedicated to ending distracted driving forever and prevent future needless tragedies it can cause. You can support this cause through his ride.
*INTEGRATED BIKE CAMPING?*Who needs a bike trailer?
“Can you integrate an overnight stay on a bicycle?”
*BEST BUDS AND BIKES*A brother knows best! Get a bike!
Shared from Alaska Trails
Great relationships are forged along trails. 💪
When I was 16 my older brother convinced me to (reluctantly) spend all my summer wages on a mtn bike. Why? He bought one and needed someone to ride with! We spent several summers on group rides with the Fairbanks Cycle Club, following a bunch of guys on mostly crappy mining trails all over Fairbanks. They kicked our butts, but we were hooked. We’d be lost in the woods still if we didn’t keep up with them. Each week’s ride was a grand adventure and brotherly bonding.
Fast forward a decade and we were building each others’ fat bikes for our first Susitna 100. Those shared experiences, ranging from excitement to exhaustion, gave us a lasting taste for long trail events. Connecting all those sections of trails helps us connect as brothers. Thanks bro!
And it’s no surprise that some of my best buds are the guys I’ve spent the most miles on the trail with. My high school and college running buddies know me better than most. My fellow trail connoisseur in the north knows just what kind of tempting trip ideas to suggest to get me to cancel all my other plans.
But lately in life there’ve been no more special trail partners than my wife and our little girl. When life is busy, flying by, and all the days are running together, I know our trail outings, however short, are the moments I’ll be able to remember.
Who do you want to connect with? Because you should call them up and see if they want to hit the trails with you this weekend. 🥾❤️
*TRAIL ETIQUETTE TIPS WITH TANG*Good message and an entertaining read (as long as you don’t mind a few cuss words).
Trail Etiquette Tips from an Old Burnout www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/biking/trail-etiquette-tips-old-burnout/
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