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*FAST PLANNING MEETING NEXT THURSDAY*FAST Planning Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting via Zoom – Thursday, November 18, 2021, 5-7 PM.
Main Agenda Items include: *Right Turn Lane Design Considerations at Crosswalk Locations *Project Nomination – Davis Road Path *Prioritization of Non-Motorized Projects
–When people have access to safe bicycle facilities, they often choose to ride a bicycle. –People who ride bicycles purchase bicycles, supplies, and bike share memberships. This puts people in bicycle shops and bicycle industry-related businesses to work. –People who ride bicycles shop at other types of stores, too. Bike-accessible businesses, like Bicycle Friendly Businesses, experience economic benefits by catering to these customers. –People who ride bicycles on vacation buy food, spend on travel, and pay for lodging. This brings millions of tourist dollars to cities and towns across the country.
SHARED FROM League of American Bicyclists
If you’ve been following the League for a while you may remember our 2009 publication on the economic benefits of #bicycle infrastructure. Today, we’re releasing an update on this research and in the 10+ years that have passed, one thing stands true: ‘Bicycling Benefits Business’ » bikeleague.org/content/bicycling-benefits-business
*BICYCLE PHOTO CONTEST*Got a nice photo from a cycling trip? Consider submitting it to the Bicycle Travel Photo Contest.
SHARED FROM Adventure Cycling Association Nov 11 LAST CALL! The Bicycle Travel Photo Contest is only open for 3 more weeks. Enter your best bicycle travel photography from 2021 for a chance to win $300, a one-year membership with Adventure Cycling, and a 2022 calendar. Visit adventurecycling.org/photocontest for more information. Photo by Ana Zamorano (@remoteana), winner of the Epic category in 2020.
*LEAGUE INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE*The League of American Bicyclists has an update on how the recently passed infrastructure bill affects cycling.
*AK DOWNHILLERS MAKE PODIUMS*Some Alaska downhillers are doing well!
*MORE FUNDING FOR BIKE LANES, TRAILS*Infrastructure act passage will fund more bike lanes, trails
*INFRASTRUCTURE BILL HAS TRAILS, BIKING FUNDS*The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has a good report on how trails and biking are affected by the recently passed congressional infrastructure bill (and the one still being worked on).
Two good things: –A nearly 70% increase for the legacy Transportation Alternatives Program (which includes the Recreational Trails Program) from $850 million to an average of $1.44 billion per year. –A new policy that establishes competitive connectivity grants for projects that connect active transportation infrastructure ($200 million per year).
Downsides? –Funding for the Recreational Trails Program, the only federal source of trail maintenance funding, is still at $84 million per year, despite earning $280 million annually from off-road vehicle gas taxes. –No guaranteed funding for connectivity grants.
Read the whole report here:
*BIKING TRICKS FOR CLIMATE CHANGE*Awesome Danny MacAskill video with many incredible tricks illustrating climate change.

*FATBIKEGIRL BLOG*Are you a woman curious about fatbiking? There’s a blog for you?
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