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*E-BIKE BATTERY RECYCLE PROGRAM*Good news about one of the downsides of e-bikes.
Shared from PeopleForBikes.org
PeopleForBikes is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Call2Recycle, the largest and most reliable battery recycling program experts in the United States. This partnership establishes the bicycle industry’s first industrywide electric bicycle battery recycling program in the U.S. — becoming the first transportation sector united under one battery recycling solution.
The program officially launches on Nov. 3, 2021, with bicycle industry suppliers and manufacturers signing on to support and fully fund the collection and recycling of electric bicycle batteries nationwide. Bicycle retailers can begin enrolling in the program in February 2022 and collection sites at retailers around the country and at-home collection kits will be available for battery collection in summer 2022.
Learn more at ebikebatteryrecycling.peopleforbikes.org/
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*NEW CYCLE TIRE VALVES*These look interesting, if expensive.
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com
Just announced, the new Fillmore tubeless valve aims to triple the airflow, never clog, and ultimately replace standard Presta valves. We’ve been testing a pair over the last couple of months for this review. Spoiler alert (before you skip a seemingly boring tubeless valve review), these things are a game-changer…
*BEGINNING FATBIKE CLASS OFFERED*Former FCC Prez Rachael Kvapil will be teaching a beginner fat bike class again with The Folk School. It includes one classroom session on November 10 and a group ride on November 13. Anyone attending will be required to show proof of COVID vaccination. For more details see: folk.school/events/event/get-rolling-with-fat-biking/
*HELMET CARE AND EXPIRATION DATES*Interesting article about helmet “expiration dates” and how to care for your helmet.
Shared from Western Wheelers Bicycle Club
How to take care of your bicycle helmet (when you are not wearing it), why you should not store it in the back of a hot car, and how long will it last (if you never crash).
*OPINIONS SOUGHT ON OLD STEESE PROJECT*Now is the time to speak up about improvements that can make for better cycling along this portion of the Old Steese. From the project description: “The purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow and safety for motorized and non-motorized users along the corridor.
Shared from Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities Nov 2 #Fairbanks! Got opinions on the Old Steese Hwy from 3rd St to the Johansen? Now’s the time to let us know! We’re working on a reconstruction project through this busy, commercial corridor. Let us know how we can make it better! Visit our online open house: dot.alaska.gov/nreg/oldsteese/
*BICYCLE BARON*Short, fun little feature on an Alaskan cyclist dubbed the “Bicycle Baron,” who plans to bike around the world.

*BEAVER SPORTS FATBIKE RIDES*Beaver Sports has some great fatbike rides every Thursday lead by the awesome Jeff Gilmore. Put these on your calendar!
These start at 5 pm from the store and last about an hour or so. Call the store for more details. 907-479-02494
*TANANA RIVER CHALLENGE RACE DATE SET*Here’s a fun race to give you a reason to start training! Distances are usually 25 and 45 miles and the race is run on some great trails in our backyard.
Shared from Tanana River Challenge Oct 31 BOO! You know what’s spooky? Your favorite race is less than 5 months away! Better get training! Save the date: March 19th 2022
*HAUL ROAD BIKEPACKING ARTICLE*Want inspiration for an awesome summer remote bikepacking trip in our backyard? Here’s an article about a guy with little bikepacking experience who did it.
*RIDE REPORT – CACHE CREEK ROAD*Oct 30 Cache Creek Forestry Road is in great shape for biking. Best to have studs, though, as the first part is icy in places. Park at the intersection of Cache Creek and Murphy Dome roads (link below). Though you can drive in farther if you want. There are several places to pull to the side and park.
*TOP 12 BIKEPACKING TRIPS*Have an urge for some travel? Consider a bikepacking trip.
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com
Ever wonder which of our bikepacking routes are the most popular? With nearly 350 original and curated bikepacking routes in our global network, there are certainly many to choose from. In our latest video, we reveal the 12 most popular routes people have been dreaming about in 2021
<bikepacking.com/plan/top-12-bikepacking-routes-2021/> – <bikepacking.com/plan/top-12-bikepacking-routes-2021/>—
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