*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*WEEKLY FATBIKE RIDES OFFERED*As you plan your week, remember that there are a few weekly free guided fatbike rides being offered. Beaver Sports has a low-key, no-drop ride on Thursdays (starting at 5pm). Goldstream Sports has two A-rides, one on Tuesdays (starting at 7pm) and one on Saturdays (starting at 8am). The A-rides are for people who want to go hard and probably get their butt kicked! Call either store for more details.
Also, please remember while out riding to minimize bothering moose as much as possible. They are incredibly stressed and exhausted after our recent unprecedented snow and rain storms. Just try plowing through the snow off trail. That ice crust makes a hard task even harder. If possible, turn around rather than chase moose off the trail.
*ADMA TRAILS & ELDORADO CREEK TRAILHEAD*We’ve got two advocacy issues that may be of interest to you. If you care about either or both of these issues, please make sure to comment.
ADMA TRAILS PROTECTION The University of Alaska is seeking public comment on a proposal to sell 118 acres of land to The Conservation Fund. That group would then transfer the land to the state to be included in the Creamer’s Field State Migratory Waterfowl Refuge. The land in question, which is north of the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds, has portions of several Alaska Dog Mushers Association trails. The ADMA trails are non-motorized, multi-use trails used by many cyclists. Being in the refuge gives the trails a high level of protection.
To comment, send written comments to the UA Land Management office by fax at (907) 786-7733, by email at ua-land@alaska.edu, or by regular mail. Comments must be received by no later than 5pm on Monday, February 21. A link to the notice (which has the regular mail addresses and a map) can be found here: www.alaska.edu/ualand/public-notices/2022/College-Road-PN.pdf
This same process – transfer by sale to the Conservation Fund – resulted in 530 acres, including several portions of ADMA trails, being added to the wildlife refuge. The Conservation Fund has also purchased private land to be added to the refuge. Read more about the conservation group here: www.conservationfund.org/
ELDORADO CREEK TRAILHEAD CLEARING Good news! The Ballaine parking pullout in Goldstream Valley has been plowed by the Department of Transportation! This serves as a major trailhead for trails in the Goldstream Valley. It has been buried since the big storms. Please thank DOT for doing that. (Contact info below).
However, another important trailhead parking lot at Eldorado Creek (across from Buck’s Drive) is still buried in snow. This trailhead, which is also under DOT’s responsibility, provides access to the Eldorado Creek Trail, which connects trails in Goldstream Valley to trails in the hills north of Goldstream Valley. These are popular with many cyclists.
If the Eldorado Creek Trailhead parking is important to you, please let the DOT Northern Region director know. If we don’t speak up, he’ll assume it’s not that important.
If you do let him know, please remember to be polite and understanding. DOT has lots to do with a shrinking budget. And don’t forget to say thanks for plowing the Ballaine Road parking pullout.
Joe Kemp, P.E. Acting Regional Director Northern Region (907) 451-2210 joseph.kemp@alaska.gov
*NATIONAL BIKE SUMMIT COMING*If you want to advocate for cycling on a nationwide or get ideas from others, consider joining the National Bike Summit. This year is a hybrid event with online and in-person programming.
Shared from League of American Bicyclists Jan 25 Have you registered for the 2022 National Bike Summit yet? We’ve got a 🎁 for the first 350 registrants. If that’s not enough, here’s a few reasons why you should: take a sneak peek at the early agenda ⬇️
Like what you see? Register for #BikeSummit22 by January 31st to catch the early-bird special or if you already have your ticket, share your plans to attend with your network!
*FISHING AND BIKING*We know of at least one FCC member who loves to combine fishing with biking. Who else out there enjoys that? Or what other activities do you like to combine with biking?
*BONFIRE 50 FATBIKE RACE IN MARCH*New fatbike race in town!
The Bonfire 50 Fatbike Race Jan 22 March 12th, save the date. The inaugural Bonfire 50 Fatbike and bikejor race is happening. This pirate race/ride is grassroots organized by fatbikers and bikejoring folks. This will be a choose your own adventure ride/race. There is a 50k distance option and a 50 mile option. Stay tuned to the page for future course details. Cheers, Tupp
<www.facebook.com/The-Bonfire-50-Fatbike-Race-100345065898139/> – <www.facebook.com/The-Bonfire-50-Fatbike-Race-100345065898139/>—
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