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*MAKE SURE TO COMMENT ON TRANSPORTATION PLAN*OK, cyclists. Time to let your voice be heard! The Metropolitan Transportation Plan “guides transportation network improvements for motor vehicles, transit, PEDESTRIANS, BICYCLISTS, and freight users.” (caps from FCC) Take the survey. Make comments. If the planners don’t hear from us, they won’t think cycling concerns should be addressed. It’s up to us to speak up!
Shared from Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning Feb 1
It is time for FAST Planning to update our Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). This is our long-range plan (👋🏽 Hello, 2045!) that aims to address future transportation improvements within our planning area boundary.
Take advantage of our virtual open house to provide input on the existing roads, paths, and sidewalks in Fairbanks! To access the survey and find the comment map… go to fastplanning.us/mtpupdate/
Check out the event on Facebook, too! fb.me/e/2983rErpC
*ELDORADO CREEK TRAILHEAD PLOWED*Thank you to everyone who wrote in about this issue! Our voices were heard!
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Just saw on the Fairbanks Area Hiking FB page that DOT has plowed the Eldorado Creek Trailhead! Thanks to everyone who asked for that! And thanks to DOT!
*MCDONALDS GETS EXERCISE BIKES – IN CHINA*Too weird not to share! If we ever get these in Fairbanks and you try one out, you need to ride fast for your fast food!
*PETITION FOR BETTER, SAFER BIKING*The League of American Bicyclists is calling on the Biden Administration to make biking better and safer. You can add your name to the petition. Here’s the wording. If you support this, go here and add your name: p2a.co/KRzNo2R
America needs a National Roadway Safety Strategy that prioritizes the safety of vulnerable road users like people who bike, walk, and use wheelchairs.
I support the League of American Bicyclists in calling for a future of transportation guided by a strategy to fix and redesign existing roads. Our safety depends on:
–Slowing down cars and trucks –Building Complete Streets designed for all the different ways people get around — like biking! –Putting safety at the center of all transportation projects
I want a future that is better for biking and I join the League in calling for a National Roadway Safety Strategy with a vision for a more Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.
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