FCC Fatty Tour: Love Road (pipeline and adjacent trails)

Date: 2/27/2022

Start time and place: 9am, southern end of Love Road

Estimated tour time: 1-2 hours

Short route description: Flattish 5-10 miles. We will ride a 4.8 mile loop and then another 6 mile loop for people who want to go farther. Each loop will take ~1 hour including stopping to chat. Mellow pace with no drops. Beginner friendly. Farther rides are possible from the same area if desired depending on who shows up.

The area is multi-use, including skiers, snowmachines and both recreational and commercial mushing, so we will be sharing the trail.

Estimated skill/fitness level needed: Beginner friendly

Cancel temp: The ride will be canceled if the temperature is 15F below or colder at 8am on the NOAA Fairbanks website.

Leader name: Travis Naibert (tnaibert@gmail.com)

Fatty Tours Need Leaders
FCC Fatty Tours are volunteer-led tours of the Fairbanks Cycle Club. Volunteer leaders can choose whatever type of tour they want to lead: easy beginner rides up to hammerfests. If you would like to help guide a tour send an email to Eric Troyer (fbxtrails@gmail.com).