*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*ANNUAL CYCLE/PED COUNT NEEDS VOLUNTEERS*The 2022 Annual Bicycle & Pedestrian Count will be held May 24 – 26 (Tuesday through Thursday) from 4:30 to 6:30pm each day. This effort is organized by the FAST Planning group and it relies on volunteers. People can sign up for one or more shifts at set locations. Right now there are many to choose from.
Getting accurate counts on cyclists and pedestrians helps guide infrastructure planning for the Fairbanks/North Pole area. You can help make sure cyclists and pedestrians get treated fairly when transportation projects are planned.
To help with this effort, please contact FAST Planning Executive Director Jackson Fox at jackson.fox@fastplanning.us.
*YANKOVICH IMPROVEMENTS COMING*Despite bumps in the road, work is moving ahead to widen Yankovich Road.
“The eventual goal would be to upgrade and widen Yankovich Road to 32 feet, with 10-foot lanes and 6-foot paved shoulders. Miller Hill Road would be reconstructed and widened to 30 feet (10-foot lanes and 5-foot shoulders) and its bike path would be improved.”
*HELP ADVOCATE FOR FNSB PARKS AND REC*The FNSB Assembly will start taking public testimony on the borough budget tonight (May 5). That will continue at the assembly’s May 12 meeting. Now is a good time to advocate for the Parks and Rec budget. Mayor Bryce Ward has been a good supporter of the department, so no worrisome cuts have been made, but advocating always helps.
So, please help the department by letting the assembly know how important it is. And it wouldn’t hurt to advocate for a small seasonal trails crew, which could lead to even more biking opportunities. The Parks and Rec Department has helped support cycling in the Fairbanks area in a number of ways.
–Taking care of parks that are friendly to biking, such as Skyline Ridge Park, and Tanana Lakes, Chena Lake and Birch Hill Recreation Areas. –Putting on events that include cycling, such as the Fall Frolic Youth Mountain Bike Clinic last year and the Try-Athlons, run in previous years that often included biking. –Coming up this month the department will be holding an end-of-school biking and ice cream event and a National Bike to Work day event (more info to come on that one).
You can advocate by attending one of the meetings and testifying. fnsb.gov/415/Stay-Connected-with-the-Assembly
Or you can contact the assembly members by phone or email. fnsb.gov/Directory.aspx?DID=64
Find out more about the budget and budget process here: ak-fairbanksnorthstarborough.civicplus.com/896/Budget
*ROAD REPORT*For those who haven’t been out on their bikes yet, here’s a report on Goldstream and Sheep Creek roads.
Shared from Rachael KvapilRoad Biking Alaska May 4 It’s riding season in Fairbanks! Today was a mix of sunshine and rain. The bike paths are clean, the roads are still loaded with gravel on parts of Goldstream and Sheep Creek. I’ll be training on my gravel bike for a while.
*BIKING! ICE CREAM! END OF SCHOOL! *Ice cream and biking! What could be more fun!
Shared from Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks & Rec
Join us for the End of School Bike Ride event! fairbanksak.myrec.com/info/activities/program_details.aspx?ProgramID=30248
*LAEL WILCOX AND HER AZT FKT*For Lael Wilcox fans, here’s her take on the “controversy” surrounding her AZ Trail FKT.
Shared from Singletracks.com – Mountain Bike Trails & Reviews
Lael Wilcox discusses her controversial Arizona Trail race finish. www.singletracks.com/community/lael-wilcox-talks-arizona-trail-fkt-media-support-controversy-and-the-importance-of-inspiration-interview/
*CYCLE BALL*WTF is Cycle Ball?!
World cycling culture is incredibly diverse. Have you ever heard of cycle ball? Basically, it’s soccer on bikes. It’s nuts! If someone wants to improve their bike handling skills (as well as those of others), they should start a cycle ball league here in Fairbanks!
Here’s a short video of cycle ball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfTM1mMce40
Want to know more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zhjTqMfCZ0&t=632s
*OUTDOOR REC ACT OF 2022 PASSES COMMITTEE*According to People for Bikes, “the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources (SENR) Committee advanced America‚Äôs Outdoor Recreation Act of 2022, a landmark policy package dedicated to funding recreation infrastructure and expanding access on our federal public lands. The bill would help develop long-distance bike trails and streamline the recreation permitting process.”
This bill also has the support of the American Hiking Society. Though the National Parks and Conservation Association has some concerns.
AHS statement in support: americanhiking.org/advocacy/statement-in-support-of-americas-outdoor-recreation-act-of-2022-s-3266-sections/
NPCA concerns: www.nationalparkstraveler.org/2022/05/outdoor-recreation-act-contains-some-concerning-provisions
People for Bikes has a page explaining its position. The page also has a link to a quick sign-on email that people can send to our senators. If you support this bill, make sure your voice is heard. www.peopleforbikes.org/news/new-bill-prioritizes-recreation-and-mountain-biking
*GROUP ORGANIZED DUE TO FORT KNOX TRUCKING PROPOSAL*We’ve been keeping a close eye on developments surrounding the proposal by Fort Knox to truck ore from the Tetlin area to the Fort Knox mine near Cleary Summit. We have been concerned about the effects of the increased mining truck traffic might have on cycling. There is a group that has organized to advocate for the rights of highway users and people who live along the route. They call themselves “Advocates for Safe Alaska Highways.” If you are interested in finding out more about this group check out their webpage at: everyfivemiles.com/ <everyfivemiles.com/> —-
*JENNY’S WESTERN WILDLANDS ADVENTURE*FCC Secretary Jenny Campbell is off on a multi-month tour of the Western Wildlands bikepacking route with a friend. We’re keeping track of her adventure.
Yesterday, she and her partner started at the Mexico-U.S. border. Here’s a pic of her bike leaning against the Border Wall. She writes: “It’s very tall!” Now they are off toward Canada!
For more info on the Western Wildlands bikepacking Route see: www.bikepackingroots.org/western-wildlands.html
*CALL FOR COMMENTS ON PARKS, RICHARDSON RECONSTRUCTION PROJECTS*The Alaska Department of Transportation is asking for comments on two road reconstruction projects, one on the Parks Highway (MP 206-209) and one on the Richardson (MP 214-18). This is a good time to remind DOT that cycling is an equal mode of trails along all Alaska highways.
The FCC has sent in comments asking the department to keep in mind cycling, specifically to make sure rumble strips are properly installed. DOT has some good standards for rumble strips: dot.alaska.gov/stwddes/dcstraffic/rumble/rumble_faqs.html#rumble_question5
We have no reason to believe the department won’t follow these guidelines, but we just want to make sure to let the department know that cyclists do care about these things.
If you care, please send in your own comments. The deadline for comment is May 8. And let them know that cycling is good for Alaska: good for the physical and mental health of its residents, good for reducing traffic congestion, good for helping lessen climate change, and good for providing a low-impact aspect of our visitor industry.
Parks Highway MP 206-209 Reconstruction notice.alaska.gov/206155
Richardson Highway MP 214-218 Reconstruction notice.alaska.gov/206150
*LEAGUE CALLS FOR CYCLE SAFETY TESTING IN NEW CARS*The League of American Bicyclists is asking for cycling advocates to comment on to include “bicyclist-automatic emergency braking (AEB)” in testing of new cars in the New Car Assessment Program. According to the league, “Studies estimate that bicyclist-AEB can prevent or mitigate 50-80% of bicyclist fatalities.”
Find out more, including an easy way to send an advocacy email here: p2a.co/HjHhUN9