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*NATIONAL BIKE MONTH ACTIVITIES*Today is National Bike to Work Day! The Fairbanks borough is putting on two events, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The latter one is in conjunction with the End of School Bike Ride. There’s ice cream involved! Read about those in our article (and consider signing up for next week’s Bike and Pedestrian Count, also in the article.)
*MTB TRAILS GROUP*A group is forming to maintain and build mountain bike trails in the Fairbanks area.
Shared from Ester Dome Single Track Joel Buth
Please share this meeting info with others that may be interested in helping
Mountain bike trails strategic planning meeting When: Saturday May 21st, 6 pm. Where: Goldstream Sports Purpose: Put together a passionate group to develop, plan, build and maintain mountain bike trails. Starting with improvements on the Ester Dome Singletrack. Organization: Seek to work through existing clubs like Fairbanks Cycle Club Potential Projects: –Ongoing trail maintenance –Adding features on existing trail footprint –Add Parking and and turn-around by St Patricks trail head. –Develop additional trails via grants and professional construction.
*BIKE TO WORK BUSINESS SUGGESTIONS*Here are some suggestions for businesses that want to encourage employees to bike to work.
Shared from League of American Bicyclists
While finding ways to #biketowork has many benefits, not all people feel that bike commuting is a safe, easy and comfortable option for them. For example, lack of secure bike parking and amenities like showers are common deterrents. #BiketoWorkWeek is as perfect time as any to learn what businesses can do to make commutes more #bikepossible for employees. Read our latest blog for examples.
*MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TUBELESS*Do you run tubeless and want to make less of an impact with your sealant? Bikepacker.com has some info. Check out this article, which is about Fillmore Valves’ new sealant, but it also mentions “Orange Seal, which apparently uses vulcanized rubber as an aggregate, and Cantitoe Road’s vegetable-based sealant, which we haven’t tested. Another reader mentioned that Panaracer uses walnut shells.”
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com
DISPATCH: Reserve Wheels—makers of the revolutionary Fillmore Valve—just announced a new tubeless sealant that claims to fill tears up to 7mm and uses biodegradable natural fibers to clog holes. Learn more here… bikepacking.com/news/reserve-tubeless-sealant/ Reserve Wheels —-
*BIKES FOR KIDS IN NEED?*Someone asked if there is a program in town that gives/lends bikes to kids in need. Does anyone know if such a program exists in the Fairbanks area? If so, send an email to fbxtrails@gmail.com.
*CAMP CYCLING JOB OPPORTUNITY IN NH*We got an interesting email recently regarding a couple of cycling jobs. Anyone looking to cycle and work with kids in New Hampshire this summer? And we checked to make sure it’s a legit place.
Hey there! My name is Lisa, I’m a Staffing Director at Camp Walt Whitman in Piermont, New Hampshire, I wanted to reach out and connect with you. Our camp offers 4–5-day biking trips for our campers and we’re currently looking to hire a couple biking trip leaders for this summer. We offer two trips for our oldest campers to participate in, one is to Burlington VT and the other is to the Seacoast of Maine. Our biking trip leaders are riding along on these trips with the kids, seeing all the sights and doing all the activities when stopped, ensuring that the kids are practicing safe biking practices and keeping the trips on track.
*JENNY’S WESTERN WILDLANDS ADVENTURE*FCC Secretary Jenny Campbell is off on a multi-month tour of the Western Wildlands bikepacking route with a friend. We’re keeping track of her adventure.
For more info on the Western Wildlands bikepacking Route see: www.bikepackingroots.org/western-wildlands.html
May 15 entry: Best 2 days of riding so far. Camped Friday night at 6,000’ in the Tonto forest, about 15 miles out of the tiny town of Young, AZ. Up and out of camp by 5:30 and immediately climbed to about 7,600’ onto the Mogollon Rim, a beautiful high plateau of pine trees and meadows.
We found a bike path right at the edge of the rim, had lunch and ice cream at a lake, chatting with a very nice and eccentric cycling hobo, then off to a beautifully treed Forest Service campsite at around 7,900’. Fire danger is super high so no fires are allowed. Had another cold dinner because our cooking system requires a fire 😳, then into tents and up at 4:45 for another early start today. Got our 42 miles in before noon!
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