Hello all,
The Fairbanks Cycle Club needs volunteers for the FCC Bike Swap! Several people have signed up, but we have some more slots that are open.
Here are some details: –The swap will be held June 11 at the Tanana Valley State Fairbanks in the Borealis Pavilion (big blue building). –Volunteers will be needed in four different shifts. The first one starts at 8:45am and the last one ends at 2 p.m. –See the sign up sheet here: tinyurl.com/bdf5ve9y
BIKE SWAP COVID MITIGATION PROTOCOLS COVID is still with us, however, its dangers are much reduced with the vaccines, some natural herd immunity, and the spread of less dangerous variants. We’ve got the whole Borealis Pavilion and the front door will be open. This will give us plenty of room to spread out and should provide good air circulation.
I have sought medical advice, and as a result come up with these mitigation protocols: –All volunteers and entrants will be encouraged to wear masks. Free masks will be available. –Everyone will be encouraged to stay 6 feet away from non-household members. –Hand sanitizer will be available. –Please stay home if you are sick.