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*SPRING TRAIL REPORTS – JUNE 3*Spring trail reports for June 3: Most trails are ready, but please be careful. There are still wet places that can be damaged.
This will be my last Spring Trail Reports compilation for this year. We’ve got some trails and trail sections that remain wet long into the summer. Please treat these gently.
Here’s some trail reports.
Quick look:
–Birch Hill Recreation Area: Ready for summer use. Bicycles please avoid damaging wet sections. –University of Alaska Fairbanks: Most trails ready for summer use but there are some wet places (see detailed report below); always be careful traversing wetter, lower sections. –Chena River State Recreation Area: Trails are open to all use, including motorized where allowed. –White Mountains National Recreation Area: Roads are open, but trails still closed to motorized use
See the full report here: www.interioralaskatrails.org/2022/05/19/2022-spring-trail-reports/
And see Alternatives to Damaging Soft/Muddy Trails www.interioralaskatrails.org/2022/05/15/alternatives-to-damaging-muddy-trails/
*ESTER DOME SINGLETRACK WORK PARTY*Here’s an opportunity to help take care of the Ester Dome Singletrack trails.
National Trails Day at Ester Dome Singletrack
When: Saturday, June 4th, @ 1.00pm.
Where: Happy Valley. 1.6 Mile Ester Dome Rd, rendezvous at the pull-out.
Saturday, June 4th is National Trails Day! Help us clear the Ester Dome Singletrack of debris, refurbish water drainage and clear brush away from the trail. This is a volunteer project in which we ask families (or people living together) to work in small teams on the trail to maintain social distance.
Be sure to dress for the weather and wear appropriate shoes! Try to get there by 1.00pm though – so you can get a tool before the truck is locked up.
Bring drink, gloves & eye protection. We’ll provide the tools!!
Please RSVP so we can provide sufficient tools
Questions? Call Geoff Orth (907.479.0049).
*WOW AND OTHER WEEKLY RIDES*The WOW are women who like to go fast on road bikes! Join them on Wednesdays, or join another one of the weekly rides held around town.
*MTB INSTRUCTOR COURSE IN ANCHORAGE*Here’s an opportunity that’s not too far away. If you take the course and want to teach some classes, please let us know!
Shared from Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association – PMBIA June 1 💥 Level 1 in Anchorage, Alaska 💥 We have spots available for the June 10-12 & June 13-15 courses! Sign up ⬇️
*HELP MAKE CARS SAFER FOR BIKES*The League of American Bicyclists believes cars can be made safer for bicyclists. It believes the update of the New Car Assessment Program should include testing cars for crash-avoidance with bicyclists. If you agree, the league has a letter template you can use to send in a comment. Comments are due June 8. usa.streetsblog.org/2022/05/27/opinion-feds-must-make-new-cars-safer-for-bikers-too/
*JENNY’S WESTERN WILDLANDS ADVENTURE – REROUTING AND HIKING*FCC Secretary Jenny Campbell is off on a multi-month tour of the Western Wildlands bikepacking route with a friend. We’re keeping track of her adventure.
For more info on the Western Wildlands bikepacking Route see: www.bikepackingroots.org/western-wildlands.html
May 30 and 31:
Phew! It’s been a wild ride the last few days. We’ve left the hot deserts of Arizona and are now hanging around 6,500 to 10,000 feet in Utah. The heat has turned to cold! Below freezing the last two nights. We are revisiting our gear choices and ordering warmer things. We’ve decided on a reroute to avoid 2/3 of the Skyline ridge – a super rugged, dry and cold stretch about two days from here. We’ll hit the northern end which is supposed to be the most spectacular section. Today -hiking in Bryce Canyon!
Bryce Canyon hiking – Impossible to describe the beauty. Very different from the Grand Canyon but in some ways more awe inspiring – it’s like a giant’s play area with miles of 1,000 foot tall sand drip castles. How cool is that?
*TUESDAY NIGHT MTB RIDE REPORT*Tuesday Night MTB Ride – Rosie Creek Ramble We had eight people on the ride tonight. Trails were good. A little soft in places, but only a little. Eric got lost only once, but Tony knew the way, so Eric was the only one who got lost. We heard ruffed grouse thrumming in the woods. Some other birds were out, too. First time we had to use bug dope. They weren’t too bad…yet.
*GREAT DAY FOR DENALI HIGHWAY BIKE RACE *The Denali Bottom bike race offered participants some glorious weather and views.
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