*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*

*GET MORE PEOPLE BIKING*Help fight climate change and improve public health through nationwide cycling advocacy!
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#drivelessbikemore challenges more Americans to swap car trips with bike trips — and make way for more people on bikes across the country. You can help move this campaign to its fullest potential with a dollar-for-dollar matched contribution! We’ll use those funds to work directly with our network of advocates in targeted cities where more bike trips and fewer car trips can make the biggest impact on climate, health and mode share.
PLUS: All donors at the $125 level or above will receive our new Po Campo + League seat bag! Give today » www.bikeleague.org/give
*VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR SOURDOUGH TRIATHLON*If you’re not racing the Sourdough Triathlon this weekend, consider volunteering.
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Volunteers are essential!
Sourdough can only be the great experience that it is if we have sufficient volunteers. The jobs are easy: directing racers at intersections, handing out drinks, body marking, and other simple tasks. And due to the course layout, many volunteers can see the entire race from their post and cheer on family and friends.
If you know anyone who’s interested, please use this form to sign up, signup.com/go/tbnEMQN or contact Samantha Royer, samroyer907@gmail.com.
We will be so thankful.
*JOIN FCC TO COME ALONG ON OUR RIDES*The smoke has cleared, the temps have cooled! A great time to ride your bike!
The WOWs were out last night riding fast and having a great time. We’ve got several other rides each week. Learn about our rides here: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/rides/
If you want to join in on one of our rides, you’ll need to have a membership. You can get both year-long and single-day memberships on our website:
Reply from Ginny Kinne
Thursday night was the LOL (Ladies of Leisure) Fairbanks annual snickers ride! Up to the Parks highway monument and back down old Nenana. We all enjoyed our snickers at the top!