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*COMMENT OPEN FOR RICHARDSON BIKE/PED PATH PROJECT*Would you like to see a bike path between Fairbanks and the Badger Road? Then take time to comment on this.
The Department of Transportation is seeking comments about a proposed bike/pedestrian path along the Richardson Highway between mile 357 and 362 (from Fairbanks toward North Pole).
The project will connect a signalized crosswalk at the Old Richardson Highway/Badger Road intersection with an existing pathway near the Richardson Highway/Airport Way/Gaffney Road intersection. It will also include a pedestrian bridge and signage.
The project construction is scheduled for Summer 2023. Comments may be submitted through August 10.
To find out more, including where to comment see here: notice.alaska.gov/207543
*BIKEWAYS MAP NOW DIGITIZED*The FAST Planning Bikeways map has been digitized! It has layers, such as for bus stops, historic places, and parks. And it has a locate button so you can geolocate where you are on the map. Very cool!