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*FAST BIKE/PED COMMITTEE MEETING NEXT WEEK*FAST Planning Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting via Zoom Thursday, July 28, 5-7 PM Main Agenda Items include: * Prioritization of Non-Motorized Projects * Mobile and Permanent Bike/Pedestrian Counting Stations notice.alaska.gov/207462
*WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE*Looking to do something a little “different”?
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The starting point for this year’s “World Naked Bike Ride” event in Oregon has been announced. The ride will start at Peninsula Park in North Portland on July 30 at 9 p.m. tinyurl.com/5b3tdfrb
Wikipedia page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Naked_Bike_Ride
*WOW AND OTHER WEEKLY RIDES*The WOW are women who like to go fast on road bikes! Join them on Wednesdays, or join another one of the weekly rides held around town.
*TUESDAY NIGHT MTB RIDE REPORT*Tuesday Night MTB Ride – Eva Creek Evisceration We had a fun Tuesday Night MTB Ride! Trails were a bit wet, but no rain. We had a visitor along — Mo from Albuquerque — who had a great time being introduced to the Fairbanks MTB riding scene. And we introduced him to radical trails — taking him up Ester Dome via obscure Ester Trails, the JARR trail, and the Corner Singletrack. He discovered the Fairbanks singletrack scene is a lot about roots! We discovered he is a doc when Tait crashed on the Farmer’s Mine Trail (Equinox Marathon Trail) and Mo tended to him. (Thanks for the help, Mo!) Fortunately, Tait was not eviscerated! Tait and Mo (and the three of us others) survived for a great ride.
*NEW BIKEPACKING RACE STARTING AND ENDING IN FAIRBANKS*Looking for a big biking challenge that starts and ends in Fairbanks? Consider the Hayes 460: A self supported, completely unofficial, non-stop bike race across the Denali Highway, around the Hayes Mountain Range, making a loop from Fairbanks. No Prizes, No Support, No Entry Fee.
Check it out here: sites.google.com/view/hayes460
It starts August 6.
*JENNY’S WESTERN WILDLANDS ADVENTURE – STATS*FCC Secretary Jenny Campbell just finished a multi-month tour of the Western Wildlands bikepacking route with a friend. Here’s her post of the last day. Check out all those peanuts!
For more info on the Western Wildlands bikepacking Route see: www.bikepackingroots.org/western-wildlands.html
July 17: Made it to the Canadian border yesterday and celebrated with an ice cream from the Duty Free store🎉🎉! This journey was amazing in so many ways and tested me in ways I didn’t imagine, but am thankful for. I know both Cliff and I grew emotionally and learned about ourselves almost every day. There are stories galore to share when I get home🤗. For now, here are a few stats from the trip. Enjoy!
Miles ridden – 2,671
Days ridden – 66
Ave mi/day ridden – 40.5
Total elevation climbed – 161,036 feet
Miles we hike-a-biked – about 20
Max water carried – 17 liters
Days with some rain – 10
Time ridden in rain – maybe 20 minutes? We don’t like riding in the rain!
Best piece of gear – Hands down my @alpinefit shirt. This Alpine Fit shirt, hand made by a small outfit in Anchorage, beat out my KariTraa, Ibex and SmartWool for durability, sun protection and anti-stink. I wore it EVERY day and, except for some fading of the back, it barely shows wear. Buy local!! alpinefit.com/
Miles of fences – tough one. Estimating 25,000 miles of fencing criss crossing our path.
Number of no trespassing signs – well over 100,000
Peanuts consumed – 47 lbs
*JENNY’S WESTERN WILDLANDS ADVENTURE *FCC Secretary Jenny Campbell is off on a multi-month tour of the Western Wildlands bikepacking route with a friend. We’re keeping track of her adventure.
For more info on the Western Wildlands bikepacking Route see: www.bikepackingroots.org/western-wildlands.html
July 16: Last stop before Canada 😊. Fueling with a calorie packed milkshake in Eureka, waiting for a thunderstorm to pass, then pedaling again. We’ve decided we don’t like riding in the rain so doing everything we can to avoid it! Because we’re a bit ahead of schedule, we’ve really been savoring the miles the last few days, realizing this journey is coming to an end. Spending just a bit longer at each view or cafe, chatting a bit longer with cyclists we meet and going back through photos reliving some of the finer, and not so fine, moments we’ve shared. 10 miles to the border. Guess it’s time to pedal.
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