Remember to comment on the cycle-pedestrian projects in the Transportation Improvement Program. Comment on what you like or don’t like. If you see something missing, there’s still time to suggest something new. FAST Planning is accepting new project nominations through August 30.

Some of the projects included in the list are not yet funded. See “Projects Awaiting Funding” note at bottom of this message.

Here’s the link to the TIP.

Here’s a list of what’s in the TIP now that will be of interest to cyclists.

5th Avenue Reconstruction
Reconstruct 5th Avenue from Barnette to Noble Street to provide improved facilities for all users. Reconstruction includes ADA‐compliant sidewalks and shoulders to accommodate bicyclists, wayfinding and bicycle route signs, and landscaping in accordance with FAST Planning’s “Complete Streets” Policy.

Planned for Fiscal Year 2023

For more on this project see:

Yankovich/Miller Hill Road Reconstruction
Reconstruct Miller Hill Road and Yankovich Road, and improve existing separated multi‐use path as needed. Project work will include roadside hardware, drainage improvements, and utilities.

Work will include:
–Upgrade/widen Yankovich Road to 32 feet (10-foot lanes and 6-foot shoulders) click here for typical section
–Reconstruct Miller Hill Road by widening the existing roadway surface toward the separated path to 30 feet (10-foot lanes and 5-foot shoulders) click here for typical section
–Pave the remaining portion of the Miller Hill Road separated path

Planned for Fiscal Year 2023 and 2024

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Chena River Walk Stage III
Construct an approximately 3,200’ long segment, multi‐use asphalt path that is 10 feet wide with 2‐foot gravel shoulders. The proposed path would be constructed on the north side of the Chena River from the existing Chena River pedestrian bridge crossing near Pioneer Park to the east side of Peger Road where the new path turns to a north/south orientation along Peger Road until it terminates at the southeast corner of the Peger Road and Phillips Field Road controlled intersection.
–Planned for Fiscal Year 2024

FAST Improvement Program
Perform gravel or asphalt surface maintenance and preservation activities on roads, sidewalks and pathways. Work may also include new or upgraded illumination, signing and striping, storm drains and intersection improvements including nonmotorized crossings, as well as ADA upgrades to sidewalks and curb ramps.

State pays design match and local governments pay construction match,
per agreement

Bike Lane Striping & Signing
Signing and striping of existing paved shoulders within Fairbanks City limits on City streets to accommodate bicyclists as designated bike lanes for seasonal use.

Still awaiting funding.

Holmes Road Reconstruction
Reconstruct Holmes Road from the Badger/Montgomery intersection to Badger/Peede intersection, including consideration of widened shoulders, separated path, sidewalks, or bike lanes. Work includes drainage improvements, roadside hardware, and utilities.

Still awaiting funding.

Nelson Road Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility
Construct a bicycle and pedestrian facility along Nelson Road by adding shoulders or a separated multiuse path. development.

This is a high-priority project, but is still awaiting funding.

Projects awaiting funding may get funds if they are freed up from delays in existing project schedules or extra funding is received from the Federal government. If not, more construction funding for projects will become available beginning in 2027. The design process for those projects can start as soon as 2023 or 2024 to be ready for construction in 2027.