*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*WOW BUTTERFLY RIDE THIS COMING WEDNESDAY! *It’s almost that time of year again. Join the WOW (Women on Wheels) in one week for the infamous WOW BUTTERFLY RIDE.
WHO: Any FCC riders. WOW, LOL, SCUM, kids and adults welcome. You must have an FCC membership (for insurance purposes) and wear a helmet
WHAT: BUTTERFLY RIDE – – Summit, Skyline, McGrath, Skyridge – ride up and down 4 hills like the 4 wings of a butterfly
WHERE: Musher’s Hall, 925 Farmers Loop Rd
WHEN: August 10, 2022 6 PM sharp. WOW riders start on time
WHY: Why not? Come and ride as many of the hills as you like. Hammer the hills or go for a leisurely ride. Let’s celebrate bike riding and hill climbs! There may be cookies afterwards!
*FAIRBANKS BETTER THAN AVERAGE IN PEOPLE FOR BIKES CITY RATINGS*Fairbanks is doing OK in the rankings. We’re in the 75th percentile in Small City rankings. Not bad. But we should strive for more and local planners are doing that. We’ll keep informing you of local advocacy opportunities when they arise, so that you can do your share, too.
Shared from PeopleForBikes.org
What makes a city a best place to bike?
Every year, PeopleForBikes releases our annual #CityRatings, a data-driven program to evaluate, identify and compare the best cities for bicycling. The program also serves as a resource for local leaders, decision makers and advocates looking to make biking better in their cities through infrastructure improvements and community engagement. Learn more about City Ratings and how to improve bicycling in your area by heading to the link!
*REQUEST TO LOOK FOR STOLEN BIKES*Step-In Autism Services off of Airport Way had three bikes stolen this last weekend: 2 adult trikes and a mountain bike. -A blue Schwinn Meridian -A red Schwinn Meridian -A black and red Specialized Pitch 27.5
Please keep a lookout for these bikes? The kids would love to get riding again!
If anyone has any information send an email (stepinalaskabcba@gmail.com) or call (907) 374-7001.
*HANDLEBAR DEVICES TO IMPROVE HAND COMFORT*Do your hands get achy or numb while riding? If so, this article has some suggested solutions. You don’t have to be a bikepacker to take advantage of them.
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com
Although many of us are completely sold on bikepacking with flat bars, they have one major drawback compared to their curvy counterparts: a lack of alternative hand positions. Find our mini guide to popular solutions to this problem here, including reviews of top-rated bar ends, thumb grips, and inner bar ends…
*TUESDAY NIGHT MTB RIDE – PEDRO DOME PEDAL PUSHER*Decided to do a shorter version of the planned Tuesday Night MTB Ride. One of our crew was recovering from COVID and we wanted to avoid getting rained on if we could. Success!
We had a great ride and didn’t get rained on. Got to the top of Pedro Dome and found a way down. Most of us walked the gnarliest downhill, but Jim cruised it on his downhill-oriented bike.
No big crashes! Tait didn’t need any new stitches! A good night! Success again!