*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*FCC PAGE HAS CYCLING RESOURCES FOR YOU*We have collected a bunch of biking resources that we’ve found online, such as the local Bikeways Map, trails apps, and state cycling laws. Find them on our new Resources page. If you have more ideas of things we can add, please send an email to Eric Troyer at fbxtrails@gmail.com
*BEGINNING FATBIKE CLASS HELD IN OCTOBER*Fairbanks’ The Folk School will be holding a beginning fatbike class again, taught by former FCC Prez Rachael Kvapil. It will be held as two sessions — one classroom and one ride — in late October.
Find out more, including how to register at: folk.school/events/event/get-rolling-with-fat-biking-2/
*DRIVE LESS, BIKE MORE*Help the League reach 2 million miles and help the planet at the same time.
Shared from League of American Bicyclists
It’s official — you’ve ridden more than 500,000 miles down in our mission to take 2 million miles of #biketrips in 2022 🤯 AND the number keeps on climbing 🎉
Keep up the #drivelessbikemore momentum by swapping as many car trips for fun #biketrips as possible and we’ll double the climate-saving impact we had by #biking 1 million miles last year (over 167,337 lbs of CO2 spared for the 🌎!)
Keep track of our mile milestones and log your next trips at www.drivelessbikemore.com ➡️
*TRANSPORTATION PLANNING JOB OPEN*FAST Planning is looking for a transportation planner. The organization already does a good job of taking into account non-motorized transportation issues, but it would be great to have someone who regularly uses non-motorized transportation get this position.
Shared from Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning posted a job.
Issue Date: August 23, 2022 Closes: September 6, 2022 Classification: Regular full-time, non‐exempt Location: Fairbanks, Alaska Pay Scale: DOE fastplanning.us/keepup/jobs/
Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation (FAST) Planning is the State‐designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Fairbanks and North Pole area. The MPO serves the City of Fairbanks, City of North Pole, Fairbanks North Star Borough, and State of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities to develop short‐ and long‐range transportation plans that aim to move goods and people safely and efficiently, while simultaneously supporting economic progress, environmental protection, equity, and improved quality of life. This Transportation Planner position focuses on the public transportation (transit) and coordinated human services portion of the MPO’s work but will also include other work tasks related to transportation planning for all users of the motorized and non-motorized network of roads, sidewalks, and paths. Download the full job description for more details at fastplanning.us/keepup/jobs/
*TUESDAY NIGHT MTB RIDE REPORT *It’s good to be right, but sometimes you just don’t want to be THAT right.
The Tuesday Night MTB Ride was the Moose Mountain loop this week. Eric figured the Rabbit Trail (between Old Murphy Dome Road and Moose Mountain Road) probably had a few trees from the previous windstorms. The trail doesn’t get used much, so he figured few people would clear out any downed trees. So, he strapped his battery-powered 12-inch chainsaw on his back rack. Boy did they need it! Dave and Garrett came along on the ride, too.
They cleared out more than a dozen trees and left a few behind that were too big for the little saw. They passed up anything they could roll over, around or under.
If anyone likes to use that trail and likes trail clearing, bring a big chainsaw! (There are three that are a very short walk from Moose Mountain Road.) Otherwise, you can push your bikes around the trees they left behind.
*ONE TALL ADVENTURE BIKE*One possible outcome if you love to tinker with bikes!
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com With its integrated tent and table, Fischer Olpin’s self-made Adventure Tall Bike is one of the most fascinating rigs we’ve stumbled upon in a while. See photos of his one-of-a-kind bike in action and get to know the 24-year-old product designer and bikepacking bag maker here…
*THE ALASKA DIVIDE BIKEPACKING RACE*The over-1,000 mile Alaska Divide bikepacking race wrapped up this past week. Pavel Machacek of Czechoslovakia won in just over 130 hours. Five people finished the race. Andrew Keepfer of the USA took the red lantern in 228 hrs 20 mins.
*FCC RESOURCES*We’ve got lots of useful stuff on our website, including a bunch of information under our Resources dropdown menu: –National and International Cycling Advocacy Groups –Tanana Valley State Forest Roads –Winter Riding Tips –Maps Archive
See those and more under Resources at: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/