*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*MEETING TO DISCUSS FAIRBANKS NON-MOTORIZED PROJECTS*FAST Planning will have a meeting Thursday, September 15, from 10AM-12PM to discuss the prioritization of the non-motorized projects in the FAST Improvement Program and Non-Motorized Transportation Plan. You can attend in person or virtually.
*OPINION PIECE ON AIR POLLUTION EFFECTS OF MINE TRUCKING PROPOSAL*Advocates for Safe Alaska Highways, which opposes the Kinross plan to haul ore from the Manh Choh mine to the mill at Ft. Knox, has an opinion piece about the air pollution the plan would add to the Fairbanks area. This may interest Fairbanks cyclists, especially those who bike a lot.
*COMMENT OPPORTUNITY*DOT is soliciting comments on the surface upgrades and one includes a path at and near the Second Ave Dog Park. Click on the link for info on how to comment. Comments due by Sept 30.
2nd Avenue Dog Park: Reestablish drainage, pave existing driveway and parking area, repair or replace damaged bicycle/pedestrian path, replace curb and gutter, and clear vegetation.
*LAST OFFICIAL WOW OF SEASON*The WOW (Women on Wheels) finished their official season last night with an out-and-back on Spinach Creek Road.
If you like to ride and aren’t yet a part of one of our rides, consider joining next season. We’ve got several rides to satisfy a variety of tastes and abilities. There are some other rides around town, too. Check them out on our Rides page.
*LAST OFFICIAL MTB RIDE OF SEASON*We had our last official Tuesday Night MTB Ride of the season last night. Had a great romp on the flanks of Ester Dome.
Had 5 total on the ride tonight! Plus, Garrison rode along for a while. Evan was trying out his new bike with electronic shifting. He was quite happy, except the seat was a pain in the butt, literally. He plans to get a new one. A few slo-mo crashes. Nothing serious.
We did a trail new to Ben, and then a great trail new to all of us on the slopes of Ester Dome. It was one of the mining trails above St. Patrick.
Ben and Tony peeled off the second time we hit Henderson Road, then Dave, Evan, and Eric did Corner Singletrack and JARR before finding our way back to Ester.
Lots of trees down, especially on the Eva Creek Trail. Need someone with a chainsaw to patrol that trail.
Got a little rain at first, then it was clear sailing. A great night to be out!
The first unofficial ride of the season will start at Pearl Creek Elementary School this coming Tuesday at 6pm. Ride till the snow flies!
*REMOTE JOB OPPORTUNITY*Passionate about improving cycling safety? This job can be done remotely ( if work can be completed during Eastern time zone office hours).
Shared from League of American Bicyclists Sept 1 We’re hiring 📣 If you’re someone interested in data analysis, research, and working with bike advocates to create safe streets for all, check out our Safety Policy Specialist position at bikeleague.org/content/jobs-internships
*TAYLOR HIGHWAY BIKE AND HIKE*When planning a biking trip during a wet autumn, it plays to be flexible.
*HIGHWAY SAFETY MEETING*The Alaska Highway Safety Office (AHSO) wants your input to help move Alaska closer toward zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways. AHSO is updating Alaska’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) through May 2023.
There will be in-person stakeholder meetings during the week of October 3-6, 2022 for the safety plan. The Fairbanks meeting will be on October 4 from 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM at the Key Bank Building.
For more info: aktrafficsafety.com/
*FCC RESOURCES*We’ve got lots of useful stuff on our website, including a bunch of information on our Resources page and under our Resources dropdown menu: –Bikeways Fairbanks cycling map –Info on Alaska cycling laws –Tanana Valley State Forest Roads –National and International Cycling Advocacy Groups –Winter Riding Tips –Maps Archive
See those and more under Resources at: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/