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*BIKE BRAGGING, ALASKA STYLE*In his essay “Tell ‘Em About It,” Fairbanks cyclist Earl Peterson demonstrates how easy it is to impress other cyclists when attending events Outside. There’s bears and moose and snow and cold and dark. During one conversation (in which all characters are named by their biking jerseys), Earl describes a stage road race he attended in Anchorage. His buddy, Virginia is for Lovers, sets the scene:
Virginia is for Lovers: One of the stages was in a residential neighborhood on the southeast side of the city. There were about thirty of us in one heat, and in the middle of the race, the middle of the freaking race, a black bear runs across the road, behind him and in front of me!
University of Iowa: You’re kidding!
Alaska: No, he’s not. I saw the bear along the bushes on the right, just coming out as I passed. I guess it bolted across the road behind me.
Santa Cruz Cycling Club: Did they stop the race?
Alaska: No, why would they? The bear, it was a black bear, just ran across the road, into the backyard of some house. There are lots of black bears in some areas. Just make some noise, and they tend to scare off before you even see them.
Read this essay and more in “Wheels on Ice: Stories of Cycling in Alaska.” www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/nebraska/9781496232472/
*BANKSTOWN OPENING FAIRBANKS STORE*Shared from Bankstown Bike and Ski
We are SO excited to officially announce that we will be moving the Bankstown shop to an in-town location!
Our new space will be at 1600 Well St, right down the street from @wellstreetartcompany! Enjoy these rendered images of our plan for the new space!
Our projected opening date is December 8th. Stay tuned for an AWESOME promo deal for the month of December!
*ACE LAKES AREA TRAIL REROUTE*Some trail advocates have been working to reroute a problematic section of trail in the Ace Lakes area just north of Goldhill Road. This post from Mark Oldmixon was on Fairbanks Fatbikes Facebook page:
Here is a map of the trail reroute near Ace Creek. It is a new trail to avoid some private property concerns. The new trail should have all the permissions required, but feel free to reach out if you hear about issues.
*QUICK-RELEASE FATBIKE RACK*For all you fatbikers wanting to carry a bit more for those overnighters.
Shared from BIKEPACKING.com
The new Aero Spider Fat Rack is an updated version of their modular quick-attachment rack designed specifically for fat bikes with up to 5″ wide tires. Check it out here… bikepacking.com/news/aero-spider-fat-rack/
*ARTICLE ON ALASKA BIKEPACK RACING PHENOM*Here’s another article on Anchorage bikepack racing phenom Ana Jager.
Shared from Alaska Sports Report
Anchorage’s Ana Jager is doing a fine job of following in the bike tracks of her “hometown hero” Lael Wilcox. Earlier this month, Jager capped her first full season of bikepacking by winning the 800-mile Arizona Trail Race after more than 12 days on the trail. alaskasportsreport.com/2022/11/anchorages-ana-jager-wins-800-mile-arizona-trail-race-to-secure-triple-crown-in-bikepacking-series/
*SAFE STREETS PETITION*The League of American Bicyclists is looking for people to sign a petition for making streets safer for everyone.
Shared from League of American Bicyclists
We’ve been building a movement in support of #SafeStreetsForAll — now we’re asking you to take action: add your name to our petition calling for streets built for safety, for slower speeds, and for people and thriving communities. Read our blog to learn more about our #SafeStreetsForAll Petition and why slower driving speeds matter so much in our fight to make our streets safer for all people. bikeleague.org/content/sign-our-petition-and-join-our-demand-safe-streets-all
*PHILOSOPHY ON A BIKE TRIP TO THE MAGIC BUS*Fairbanks biker Tom Moran gets a bit philosophical in his essay “The Magic Bus on the Stampede” in “Wheels on Ice: Stories of Cycling in Alaska.”
Tom visits the bus (now at the UA Museum) with a friend and it leads to a discussion about Chris McCandless’s legacy. They don’t see eye to eye, but they respect and are influenced by each other’s opinions. The trip also leads to a wonderfully and unusually warm January fatbike ride.
“Jay and I are not generally given to philosophical discussions, so I am surprised when, stopping for a quick energy bar during our return trip, he brings up the spiritual implications of the McCandless hajjis. He’s startled and depressed by the almost religious fervor he saw in the graffiti and logbooks, since he doesn’t believe McCandless ever did anything worth emulating–coupled with the fact, he notes, that the Stampede Trail is hardly an untrammeled wilderness destination by Alaska standards.”
Read this essay and more in “Wheels on Ice: Stories of Cycling in Alaska.” www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/nebraska/9781496232472/
*BIKE/RAFT TRIP TOK-DAWSON-EAGLE-TOK*Jay Cable has a great blog post on a bike/packraft trip he took this summer with Tom Moran. yak.spruceboy.net/2022/11/tok-to-tok-via-dawson-the-yukon-and-eagle.html
*A BIKE/PUSH TRIP IN THE WHITES*A bike trip out to Moose Creek Cabin in the Whites right now may not be for everyone, but it makes for a good story! notquiteoverthehillcorrineanderic.blogspot.com/2022/11/first-cabin-trip-of-season.html
*WHEELS ON ICE: MORE FBX AND INTERIOR CONNECTIONS*More Fairbanks and Interior connections in “Wheels on Ice: Stories of Cycling in Alaska.”
In the essay “Back in Alaska to Share the Story of the Roads,” Long-distance phenom Lael Wilcox, of Anchorage, writes about her quest to ride all the roads in Alaska in a summer. She highlights her trek with a trip down the Dalton Highway followed up by one to Manley Hot Springs, where she and her mom enjoy a soak before Lael rides the Elliott, including a side trip to Minto.
“Every road in every era tells a story of history and change, of animals and people and life. On a different day, with different weather and different company, the experience would be wildly altered.”
Eric Troyer, current FCC board member, describes a group ride that starts with high hopes but descends into a swamp and nearly descends into anarchy in “A Positively Memorable Mountain Bike Ride(ish).”
“The wonderful thing about optimism is that you can lie to yourself without realizing it. And that goes a long way toward convincing others. Of course, what were they going to do–go back? Once you lead a group of guys far enough down the rabbit hole, the only way back is forward.”
Read these essays and more in “Wheels on Ice: Stories of Cycling in Alaska.” www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/nebraska/9781496232472/
*MATT GLOVER DIES*Nov 19 We have some sad news. Matt Glover, known by many in the Fairbanks cycling community, died yesterday morning.
Matt was hit by a car in October while commuting to work by bicycle. He was flown to Anchorage for care of his multiple injuries. He was in rehabilitation at St. Elias Specialty Hospital and doing well, when he died unexpectedly. At this time we don’t know the cause of death. Our condolences to his wife Ariane and the rest of his family.
*BE CAREFUL AT INTERSECTIONS*This letter recently ran in the News-Miner. It’s a good reminder to be very careful when biking in and around car traffic, especially in winter and at intersections:
As a concerned citizen of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, I would like to warn pedestrians and motorists of traffic hazards due to warming weather in the Interior.
On Friday, Nov. 11, 2022, after attending the Veterans Day event at the Westmark Hotel, I was going to have lunch at Shoppers Forum. I was on a mountain bike with studded tires when I crossed the Cowles Street and Airport Way intersection going west. After crossing the street, I hesitated for a couple of seconds, waiting for the light to turn green. The time was about 12:20 pm. I usually don’t wait when in a hurry. It was the hesitation that saved my life.
Shortly after crossing the street, an out of control car went flying past me, going west in the same direction I was traveling. The car missed me by 4 feet, and slammed into a fence pole going about 40 mph. From what I understand he was hit from behind by another car, making his car go out of control. He survived, the car did not. End of story.
Joseph Solomon
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See those and more under Resources at: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/