Only a couple of days left to comment on the SCORP (Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan). This is an impressive document and trails play a big part in it. Generally speaking, this is an excellent guide for the state in how to spend its money and focus its resources. The plan calls for the creation of a State Office of Outdoor Recreation, which would really help focus and coordinate efforts on outdoor recreation.
Of course, the big challenge in the current state budget climate is finding the money to make it happen. Right now, many outdoor recreation aspects of state government are struggling. For example, many state parks lack personnel to run their offices and field operations properly. And DNR lacks enough grant administrators to run the federal grant programs in a way that makes them easily available to small organizations.
If nothing else, take a look at the study’s executive summary. It’s just three pages and gives you a good idea of what the plan has taken into account. Then leave a comment. Deadline is November 28.