We had a great Sundays on Snow ride and rode around a portion of the ADMA trails on Sunday.

Eleven of us started at the first parking lot of Creamer’s in good spirits, but we unfortunately we lost one due to a mechanical right away. (Shifting problem that we couldn’t fix. Possibly a cable frozen in the cable housing.)

We finally got on the ADMA trails through Creamer’s Field and found some challenging riding on a trail that needs more snow, grooming, and use. We ran across a small tree across the trail, which Eric dispatched with his fork-mounted saw. Finally, we broke out onto a groomed trail and conditions were much better.

We eventually broke into a couple of groups and all rode the same loop, making it back to the start in good spirits, celebrating with some snacks.

Temps were hovering around zero, but it felt warmer, especially when we were moving.

No SOS ride planned right now, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.