Had a great Sundays on Snow ride this past Sunday. We had six riders and ride leader Eric. Jenny came along to help out. Most of the riders were pretty new (or totally new) to fatbiking. It’s awesome to introduce people to the this sport!

Conditions were pretty good. Temps hovered around 0F, but everyone dressed for conditions and stayed warm. Some got too warm once we got moving, but that’s part of the learning process.

We headed from Ivory Jack’s to O’Brien Road and then took the Otter Slide trail to the Goldstream Peat Ponds and then on across Sheep Creek Road to the Dunbar Trail. (You can find all these trails on Trail Forks: https://www.trailforks.com/region/fairbanks-12381/)

We took a short break where the trail cross the Alaska Railroad tracks. Two decided to head back with Jenny (thanks Jenny) and the rest traveled another couple of miles out the Dunbar. Along the way we crossed paths with a couple of dog mushers, and a bike-jorer and ski-jorer. Passes went fine, no mishaps. It was fun to see others out enjoying the trail.

Great ride. We plan to have more of these rides. Watch our Facebook page or watch for our FCC emails. Any FCC member who wants to lead a fatbike ride, just send an email to Eric (fbxtrails@gmail.com).

Photos below.