Your help is needed for Fairbanks-area trails.
The Fairbanks Borough Assembly is considering an ordinance that would remove a part of local law that goes a long way in protecting area trails. I wrote a blog post about it. I included a link to the post in the most recent edition of the Interior Trails Newsletter, but this is important enough that I wanted to highlight it even more. The blog post includes ways you can help.
Assemblymembers Jimi Cash, Tammie Wilson, and Aaron Lojewski are correct to be concerned about protecting private property rights, but I have looked over the issue and I think private property rights are already being protected under the current system. Furthermore, I think the proposed ordinance would take away some of our rights over the state and federal governments.
In the long run, the proposed ordinance could harm the borough’s ability to ensure public access to some long-distance trails, that’s particularly important for people who like to travel long distances on trails, such as snowmachiners, dog mushers, and long-distance bikers, skiers, and runners.
I hope this ordinance is voted down, but at minimum I hope it is studied more before acted upon.
Here is my blog post. See if you agree. If so, please let the Assembly know.