Reminder that the Fairbanks Borough Assembly will be having a public hearing this Thursday on a proposed ordinance that would strip the trail easement requirement from borough code.
I wrote about this in a blog post earlier.
If you oppose this ordinance (as I do) or at least believe that it requires more information (which I also believe), please make sure to comment to the Borough Assembly. I’ve got information in the blog post on how to comment either at the meeting or via email or phone.
I’ve also written a blog post clarifying the differences between the original proposed ordinance and the substitute submitted by Assemblyman Aaron Lojewski.
The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner has an article about the issue.
I believe trails are a big part of why we love living in Fairbanks. I believe they are important enough to deserve certain protections, as long as private property rights are respected. And I believe our current law does that. If you believe the same and have not yet commented, please do so.