*FCC FACEBOOK WEEKLY WRAP-UP* *(An anti-social media compendium for our non-Facebook members)*
*FATBIKE DEMO THIS SUNDAY*Beaver Sports is having a fatbike demo ride this Sunday.
Facebook Event Viewable to Anyone on or off Facebook www.facebook.com/events/142343195204958
*ITI REPORT *Former Fairbanksan Matias Saari has a report on the recent Iditarod Trail Invitational, for which Fairbanksan Tyson Flaharty won the bike division for the third time.
*BOLT ACT NEEDS SUPPORT*Advocates are needed to help this bill to encourage long-distance mountain biking.
Shared from International Mountain Bicycling Association
The BOLT Act is back! One of IMBA’s flagship bills has been reintroduced in Congress. The bill will identify at least 10 existing long-distance bike trails and at least 10 opportunities to develop or complete such trails, while better supporting long rides with maps, signage and promotional materials. IMBA EPICS like the Maah Daah Hey in North Dakota and long-distance dreams like the Great Divide Route would get a bolster of support from the bill.
Last Congress, the BOLT Act passed the House floor and moved quickly through Senate committees. We look forward to generating even more momentum to pass this bipartisan bill with support of mountain bikers like you.
Help the BOLT Act go the distance this legislative session by learning more and sending a note of support to your elected officials: www.imba.com/bolt-act
*SPARK GRANTS FOR MORE RIDING*Anyone got any ideas to help spark more riding?
Shared from League of American Bicyclists
Applications for the League’s 2023 Community Spark Grants are OPEN! Have an idea that will get more people moving on bikes in your community like a small-scale pop-up event or educational program? We’re looking to fund the next generation of innovative and creative safe streets projects! Your group could receive up to $1,500 to turn your idea into reality. Learn more about how to apply ➡️ bikeleague.org/content/applications-our-2023-community-spark-grants-are-now-open
*BIKEPACKING WOMEN*Need some inspiration to go adventuring on your bike?
Rad Women of Bikepacking – Part One – Shakers bikepacking.com/plog/rad-women-of-bikepacking-part-1/
*PERMANENT BIKE RUNNING LIGHTS*This article is about pro road cyclists, but the advice is good for any cyclists on the road.
–According to a 2012 study out of Denmark, cyclists with “permanent running lights” on their bikes had a 19 percent lower crash rate than a control group without running lights.–
*E-BIKES A DREAM OR A NIGHTMARE?*Interesting article one of the conundrums of e-bikes. Well, this one is a conundrum for some but not others. How do you feel about e-bikes on local trails?
*FCC RESOURCES*We’ve got lots of useful stuff on our website, including a bunch of information on our Resources page and under our Resources dropdown menu: –Bikeways Fairbanks cycling map –Info on Alaska cycling laws –Tanana Valley State Forest Roads –National and International Cycling Advocacy Groups –Winter Riding Tips –Maps Archive
See those and more under Resources at: www.fairbankscycleclub.org/